Monday, October 6, 2014

Cameron turns 2

At this time I am sitting on an airplane (Which is why I have time to write :-) headed to my favorite place in the world with my favorite people in the world. It's an extra special day because it is my sweet sweet Cameron's second birthday.

 He is an angel sent to us through some very special people. I will never ever ever forget the uncountable amount of details that god was in charge of to bring us together. Our coming together was hands down the biggest surprise of our life. To find out one morning that you not only have a chance at a baby but that the baby has Down syndrome and a severe heart defect. It was a lot to take on but I knew, just knew from that first phone call that he was my son. 

I also knew it was no coincidence that this special boy was born in October. October is Down syndrome awareness month. I am not your typical Down syndrome mom. You aren't going to hear me say the words "this is so hard" very often. Because I have dealt with infertility and having a child with SMA (essentially a death sentance) so to me Cameron just has Down syndrome. It isn't a scary thing, and never has been. Sure there are lots of questions that come up that may not have immediate answers and there are difficult aspects to his situation, but there is no reason to expect that my Cameron won't excel in life. 

And excel he does! Cameron is the most pleasant child you will ever meet. He loves music and dancing any chance he gets. I can already communicate with him. He adores his siblings, is so close to walking, and calls me mom. None of these gifts came without a lot of hard work from everyone in Cameron's life. I am so proud of him and I love him dearly. 
Happy birthday Cameron!!!!


Lisa said...

I love our sweet angel baby who is also our miracle baby!! I guess now that he's 2 I need to quit calling him our baby :) Although he will always be my baby :) I knew the day you called me he was to be in our family as well and I knew he was a boy before you did! Heavenly Father gave us so many spiritual experiences to confirm that this sweet little guy was to be our part of our lives forever! I love him so much!! xxoo Happy Birthday Cameron!!!! I wish I was there to celebrate with you!

Peter and Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!