Saturday, November 29, 2008

My students had a little reunion party for me! Not everyone showed up, but I was soooo excited to see the ones that did come! I have thought about my kids everyday since I left, so it was amazing to be able to see them again. What amazes me is how much they have become more like little adults in just the 5 months that I have been gone. Anjanie is the one who organized the get together and her and Nalini (her mother) were the perfect hosts!!! Thank you Anjanie for doing such a great job, and allowing me the opportunity to see everyone again. :-) (you can stalk my blog anytime!)
Nalini made Evan his own little personal cheesecake!

Anjanie with my angel!
Ealier yesterday we went to see the movie Australia. It was not what I expected, but it was wonderful! I recommend it to anyone, but be prepared ... it is very LONG!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am thankful I am Canerican


I realized today that I am very grateful to be a Canerican! I feel very cleaver that I came up with this title today. I was born Canadian and I also have my American citizenship. It has been a major blessing to be able to have both cultures in my life, and it has definitely made this move a lot easier as well. I just felt like sharing that information.
Today was a wonderfully "Palmer" day! Fun, fun, fun!!! We started off the day with a brunch at Irene and Walmir's house. Joe and Lacy came over to eat the sausage rolls that is the Da Costa family tradition. Irene's family came up last night and it has been great to be with them again. They come and visit a lot, so we have really grown to love them. I am grateful to be able to see them this visit.
Following a heavenly brunch I loaded a VERY tired baby boy into the Lowry van and we drove to Orlando to have a Thanksgiving celebration with our adopted family! The Lowry's are our other family. They took care of us when we lived here, and treated us as their own children! We LOVE them as our own family and are thankful for everyone of them!
The weather was finally warm and we went outside with the kids. Then we went inside and at some of the best food ever! I am very proud of myself because I am stuffed, but I never did get sick! Yeah ... I finally learned to show some sense of control on Thanksgiving!

Gladys had her 4th baby the day I arrived in Florida, which makes him one week old now. Justin and I think it is funny because for every baby Gladys has (minus her first) we have been there when she has them, not pre-planned either! Blaine Michael Waters is beautiful and I am grateful for the chance to get to hold him. Newborn time is wonderful!

The kids had a blast jumping on the bed. We decided to take pictures of them all, and it was seriously the CUTEST thing having all of them yell "cheese" at the top of their lungs! I am so grateful that I am a mom!

This is the Lowry family! Our pseudo family!

Me and Gladys, and Sandra and I. Gladys is the new mama and I love her like my own sister! Sandra is Walmir's sister and I got to know her pretty well in the last year that we lived in Gainesville. I lover her and her little family a ton also! It has been great to see everyone today! Thank you to everyone for loving us and accepting us into your families and lives. We love you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last night I switched houses and I am now staying with my friends Irene and Walmir. Today I was finally able to see Dr. Odom. Since some of my readers are new friends in my life I will explain a little bit. She is perfect! She was my graduate professor at UF. In music that relationship is really important, because you spend sooooo much time together and they are the most influencial person in your schooling and often your career. I was truly led to her and my life has been so blessed because she has been a part of it. To me she my teacher, a mother figure, and one of my best friends. I came into her life shortly after her son was born and I intensly adore him. I used to babysit him alot, and I can't believe how big he is now!

Justin pointed out that the posts of Evan since we got here have mostly had pictures of him getting poked and prodded and struggling with different bodily functions. He wanted a happy picture of him, and I was able to get those today! Irene is preggo and needed some new bra's. What boy isn't happy playing with bras? (Did I say that?)

After we bought some underwear we headed to see Highschool Musical 3 with the Witt's. It was so much fun! Really it was so cute, and I had a very good time. (Zach Effron is sooo hot!) Evan really enjoyed the movie too, and was quiet and alert almost the whole time. I was so proud of him .... he did good!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our very own War Hero

We went to the Natural History museum today ... this is what Western Canada looked like 505 million years ago!!!  (I for one think we should go back to this :-)
*Read this CAREFULLY*  (Note the section that says "Florida rarely experienced the harsh winters of more northern regions, even during the ICE AGE!!!!!)  

So poor little Evan is our own little war hero!  As we have told you, this week has been full of all sorts of medical tests.  Today we spoke to a pediatric neurologist.  The MRI came back perfectly normal, and he thinks that it might be one of 4 things.  Two of them are muscle issues and two of them are nerve issues.  
He sent us down to the lab to have blood work done.  I don't know what I thought they were going to do, but I didn't expect that they would draw blood from a baby the same way they do from an adult!  So often the phlebotomist has a hard time finding the vein in an adult, can you imagine BABY VEINS??  To make matters worse, Evan wasn't feeling very well today and wasn't eating or drinking very much.  The phlebotomist first tried in his right arm.  She had a hard time finding the vein and kept moving the needle all around so she didn't have to stick him again (he will definitely be bruised).  She finally found the vein and it collapsed.  She moves to the next arm and the same thing happens.  She moves to his right foot, and same thing, his vein collapses like on both arms.  
At this point Evan is absolutely hysterical, I am bawling, my friend Sharyl who came with me is crying, and one of the three nurses is crying!  She asks me if I want to just come back tomorrow after he has fluids in him or if I want her to try the last limb left.  I figured, it would be really inconvenient to come back and Evan is already hysterical, so lets just try!  
This is another testament that Heavenly Father hears us!!!!  I just kept praying that the vein would stay open and they would get the blood they needed from him ... IT DID!!!!  I am so happy that we don't have to go through that again tomorrow!  Poor Evan is already starting to bruise and has a war bandage on each limb (at least they match his outfit ;-)
The three kids took baths together tonight and they were so cute together!  Evan has been having a lot of fun with Millie and Joseph!  Thanks guys!  

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the last two days!

Lacy and I made awesome peanut butter kiss cookies!
Lacy made her AMAZING brownies!  
Everyone is starting to feel better! 
We got to see all of my girls at church today!
We got to hang out with Evan's "tummy mommy" today!  
We watched P.S. I Love You

Saturday, November 22, 2008


My mom ROCKS!!!!!  She asked me a couple weeks ago where I was going to be seeing Twilight, and I thought that she was just making conversation.  Then I get an email from her telling me that I need to make sure I get a package that she sent to Joe and Lacy's house.  Then I get a phone call AT Joe and Lacy's house from my mom, asking if I got the package.  Really I am thinking this whole time that maybe it is something for Christmas that was easier to mail to Florida.  So the Lowry's checked their mail and this shirt is what arrived from my mom!!!!!!  I LOVE it!!!!!  Thank you mom!

All I can say about this movie is WOW!  I have been waiting a long time for it to come out and I am very impressed with the job they did making it.  Edward could not have been more perfect, and I am even more in love with him now.  He can have my neck any day :-)  I was just a little obsessed with the story before (ok, alot!), but now I think I am even more.  I can't stop thinking about it!!!!

I went with Lacy and Sharyl. Poor Natasha got whatever is going around Gainesville and couldn't come.  She can write her own blog about bodily functions :-) Sorry the picture of us girls is sideways.  I am too tired to switch it.  Thank you girls for coming with me ... what a great night!
So many of you know that Evan stopped baring any weight on his legs back in June.  With the socialized medicine it is next to impossible to get tests and see specialists in a timely matter.  It has been long enough now and we are, to say the least, a little frustrated!  So we figured that since we are in the states, we would try and get tests done while we are here.  I contacted our old pediatrician, and they have taken some of their personal time to help us!  

So far, we have had X-Rays of his hips that have ruled out hip dysplasia and wearing of bones. Today we had an MRI of his entire body! I knew he would have to be sedated, which is always scary for a mother.  What I didn't expect is that he would be in the MRI machine for 2 full hours!  Wow, I was sure happy that Natasha was willing to sit with me in the waiting room.  (This was before she was puking her guts out).  I only broke into tears once the whole time.  If she wasn't there I think it may have been worse for me.  Thank you Natasha for giving me that support! 

We won't get any of the results until Monday, when we have an appointment with the Pediatrics Neurology department.

This is a picture of Evan in the recovery room!  He kept trying to rip everything off of him.  Especially the IV.  All he wanted to do was eat his IV tube or rip it out of his hand.  The best part is that when he woke up he looked up at me, reached his arms hi, and with a smile on his face said "Mommy, Mommy".  Nothing beats that ... not even Edward! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bodily functions - Part Deaux

Evan pooped on the floor this morning. Ok, it wasn't as bad as it sounds, but it has to be included as the continuation of our story. He had another runny squirt. It wasn't that big, but it was messy in the back. I didn't see it, so when I laid him down on the floor poop smeared on the Lowry's carpet. (They are going to be ready to kick us out any day now!) We cleaned that up and Evan has been normal all day.

Lacy and I took a drive to Alachua. The drive was beautiful!!! When we lived here I always LOVED the gorgeous trees around Gainesville. I still think that there is nothing more beautiful that the great southern oaks!! (Ok, the beach is #1, but the oaks are a VERY close second). Then we were able to go for a run outside, which is something that I haven't been able to do for months now, and it really felt good to be running outside!

We got home from our run and Millie (Lacy and Joe's youngest) began projectile vomiting! I don't know where it all came from, but it kept on coming!!! All day the poor little girl was puking her guts out. Finally she seemed to gain some control of it in the evening. I feel bad for her and I hope her little body heals. Anyway I thought it was interesting that my comments from yesterday were totally put to the test. After Evan's ordeal I told Justin that I would prefer to handle/hold/clean up vomit than poop. Today as Lacy was cleaning up Millie, I cleaned up vomit!!! I still stand true to what I said. I dry heaved a lot less with the vomit than the baby diarrhea (but I still did dry heave)! Bluck!!!!

The poor Lowry's! First Evan, now Millie. Wonder who it will be tomorrow :-)

Papa and Mima took their children (that includes me) to the play called "The Pajama Game". It was so cute, and I am totally downloading the song "I love you more".

I got to see Sharyl and Chandlar today also ...... this trip rocks!!!!!!!!!

A tour of the fire station

Today was a really nice relaxing day in the south!  Lacy is in charge of a play group for her ward (church group) and this week they visited one of the fire stations in Alachua County.  The kids were wild, but totally fascinated with the equipment and outfits.  The fire men were wonderful too.  They hung around, talked on the little ones level, and had huge smiles on their faces the whole time they were teaching us about their job.  

When we first got there they only had one truck in the station, but half way through their BIG truck pulled in, and we got a tour of that one too.  This tour was beneficial to the mothers as well .... when the big truck pulled into the garage out of the driver's seat hops this GORGEOUS, young firefighter!!!!!!  Seriously (and I am NOT the only one who noticed) he was beautiful.  The tour lasted a little longer after that! :-)  
You can tell that the firemen are MEN.  You walk into their station and find about 8 lazy boys in front of a big flat screen TV, with huge speakers, that actually fell on a kids head while we were there.  (Good thing the firefighters are paramedics as well).  Before the tour started the kids had TONS of fun rocking in the chairs.  This is Joseph, Millie, and Evan rocking.  They had a fireman get dressed, and the kids LOVED it!!  It was the only time they were quiet.  Joey had to give him a high five after ward.  :-) 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh Crap!!!! (literally)

So this blog was going to be all upbeat and happy because (drumroll please) .... I'm in Florida!  Before I speak of my travels, and my first night back I HAVE to tell you what happened as we pulled into Gainesville.  
Joe picked me up in Orlando and the drive was awesome for the two of us to catch up and talk.  Right about when we hit Paynes Prairie we smelled a seriously foul smell.  After Joe promised it was not coming from him I knew that it had to be Evan.  We were almost home, so I just told him he would have to wait.  
We arrive at their house and I go to take Evan out of the car.  His entire bottom half is wet, and I know this isn't a good sign, but hey, every baby leaks every-so-often.  I pull him completely out and it is clear that he isn't damp, but VERY wet.  Still not good, but not bad either.  I set Evan down on the change table and pull off his sock.  This is when I have a glimpse of what I am in for.  (Remember that Evan is wearing pants)  There is poop on his heel!!!!!!  
Lacy and I rush him to the bath tub and try to undress him without puking.  This picture doesn't even show half of the damage (think about the more clear liquid poop that doesn't show up in pictures, and the back side of him).  To even get the diaper off of Evan I had to stick my hand right in a huge pool of poop.  I can handle alot of gross stuff, but handling poop with my bare hands is even too much for me.  
We finally get Evan, and the tub rinsed off and are about to wash him with soap, when he diarriahs in the tub!!!!  He does this about 5 times before we have enough time to get him clean.  I get a diaper on him, and he goes diarriah in his diaper twice.  
Long story short .... Justin gave Evan whatever bug he had, because that is what he was doing the last two days!!!!!!!!  
Anyway, I am ecstatic to be in Florida!!!!!!!  I almost feel bad saying it, but my heart is still here.  I still feel like this is home.  I know I need to change that if I am going to be happy in Calgary, but I think it might take a while.  Maybe I can learn how to balance the two places in my heart and mind.  The feeling I got stepping off of the plane and seeing all of the familiar sights around me and on the drive home was one of comfort and peace!  My girlfriends came over to Lacy's (I'm staying with the Lowry's right now :-) and I had soooooo much fun!!!!  
I can't wait to see everyone and just enjoy myself before I go back to my new home!  I will keep y'all updated while I am here.  

p.s.  Don't worry Justin and Kathy (I do miss you!!!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!!!

29 BABY!!!!!!
Jilarious (think "hilarious" in spanglish)
Natural Father

There are so many words that can describe Justin. He is the best man I know, and everyday I thank God that I am blessed enough to be married to him. (Ok, not everyday, but most of them:-) There are so many attributes that I admire in this man, and I wish to express just a few of them.

Justin is the most selfless man I know. He has taught me a lot in this catagory, and I just hope that I will someday come close to being as generous as he is. Justin is a natural Father! He LOVES being a dad, and we have fun as a family. He is Evan's favorite person in the whole world and I know that Justin will be able to teach his son so many things. He is going to be a wonderful example to our child. Justin loves his family!!!! Sometimes the whole lot of them act like idiots, but it is a beautiful thing for a family to be as close as the Palmer's are. The respect that he has for each one of his siblings, and parents is something to be admired! Justin is smart, and he is resilient. I love his ability to find the positive in any situation, and I love his constant striving to have fun! We have fun in our family!!!!!!

So to my husband, my friend, and my lover ... Happy Birthday!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Tribute to Mark

I was just informed that Mark Weiger, a renowned oboist committed suicide today.  Mark Weiger was one of the great performers in the more recent years of history.  He was clever when it came to marketing the oboe, and his humor was infectious.  He was a fun person to be around.  One of my good friends studied with him for her doctorate degree at the University of Iowa.  His death is a huge loss in the small oboe community.  My heart is heavy and my prayers are with all of his family and friends.  We will all miss you Mark.  

A surprise tooth!

When Evan is teething it takes him a really long time to get the teeth to come through. For months now he has had some very large bumps in his mouth where his molars should be. The last week and a half we could tell that one of his molars was getting really close. We are proud to announce that Evan got his first molar yesterday (well, at least the first part of the molar, the rest still has to move up). Then this morning I was just feeling around his mouth and there was an upper tooth that wasn't there a week ago! 2 teeth in 1 day ... go Evan!

p.s. that is 10 teeth now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love the health profession!

Finally we have a Doctor!!!!!  After 4 months of looking for a doctor accepting new patients we finally found a family doctor, and the practice is close to our house!  Up here you do not get to decide who your doctor is.  There are 300,000 families in Calgary that do not have family doctors, so when you find one that it accepting patients, you don't even care.  Here is the best part.  We had our initial consultation with the doctor and he is AMAZING!!!!  I was so impressed!  The nurse told us that he had very little time to meet with us, but he sat with us for such a long time, played with Evan (even made a balloon man out of a glove and drew a face on it), and answered all of our questions above and beyond what any other doctor has done so far.  He made us feel like we were his only patients, or at least the most important.  I am so impressed .... and SOOO HAPPY!!!!!  

The other great news is that I do not have to go back to the chiropractor.  I have had sciattica since June.  I finally went to the chiropractor when I couldn't move anymore.  I am glad to say that I am healed!!!!!!  I am starting to work out again, and will stretch ALOT more than I was.  I had to share all of our great news! 

Monday, November 10, 2008

A super fun Saturday!

Saturday was so fun, but it started off with a little bit of drama! Justin went to work as he does everyday, but today he took the car seat with him. I knew we had the next size up, but Evan doesn't weigh 20 pounds yet, so he can't face forward. I was reading the labels on the car seats and saw that they could face backwards as well. I then start trying to put the stupid thing together.
My friend Kathy and I were going to the Millerville Christmas Market and I needed to get everything put together so we could leave when she got to my house. She pulls up and I am freezing cold in the middle of the driveway surrounded by parts that somehow make a full functioning car seat.
The two of us just about lost our fingers due to cold, but about 45 mins later we finally figured it out ... aka: Kathy is smarter than me, and I did what she told me to do when she eventually deciphered the instructions that I swear were written in Greek! What makes this really fun is that her son Tommy got a hold of the camera and probably snapped a hundred pictures of us trying to figure it out, and 2 pictures of the birds flying by (ok it took a while, we get it:-).
So the next time someone asks you "How many women does it take to put together a baby car seat?" You can answer them by saying ... "Two grown women with college degrees, that only thought it was funny after the fact!" :-)

We had TONS of fun at the Market together. Thank you Kathy ... I love you!!!!!

Me reading the instructions
Kathy reading the istructions
Finally!!!! The finished result!
Trying to stay warm by the fire at the market ... I swear my hat is more pink in real life, it matches the scarf a whole lot better than the picture makes it looks
Posing with Granny Lanny outside Route 40 Soups stand. Justin helped Mark build the shed, and I helped Lanny decorate! It was so fun, and I am totally in the Christmas spirit now. If I'm not careful, I might put up my decorations now!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Sister's Keeper

So I finished this book earlier this week, and was so moved by the story.  I loved it!  I wanted to share a couple of my favorite quotes from the book.  

"In my previous life I was a civil attorney.   At one point I truly believed that was what I wanted to be - but that was before I'd been handed a fistful of crused violets from a toddler.  Before i understood that the smile of a child is a tattoo:  inedible art."  

"A photo says, 'You were happy, and I wanted to catch that.  A photo says, 'You were so important to me that I put down everything else to come watch'."

"I realize then that we never have children, we recieve them."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our first real snow

So it started snowing last night and this is what we woke up to this morning. I have to admit that it is a little exhilarating to look outside and see our first snow. It is also very strange to think that I am not visiting this ... this is my life now. It will be like this for the majority of the season, and I live here. This morning Jasmine, one of our cats, just stood at the window sill looking out the window for a long time. Being a Florida cat she didn't quite know what to think of the snow.
Evan was a little unsure of his first real snow.

Seconds after this picture was taken, Justin let go of Evan while slid down the slide, and Evan face planted in the snow. Thank heavens it is soft ... but Evan was not a happy camper after that kind of shock.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Justin's Turn

Kira is ranting to everyone she knows about Obama winning so I have time to fill out this list (Irene made the challenge to the boys):

1. Do you like blue cheese? Yes, especially the blue cheese shrimp in St Augustine
2. Have you ever smoked heroin? No, but I think that i got a little high at a Green Day concert
3. Do you own a gun? No, but I want a 22 and a shotgun so i can play at my mom's house
4. Wax or Shave your body parts? I think that this is a question for girls!
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Nope, I like being naked.
6. Real or Fake nails? See answer for question 4.
7. Favorite Christmas song? Silent Night.
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Strawberry milk.
9. Can you do push ups? Yes. (This is a lame question for boys> It should be, Can you do the Gallon Challenge) Yes - I throw up all over the place
10. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? I didn't realize how lame this question would be for a boy so (On a scale from one to ten how stinky is your gas? 10)
11. Favorite hobby? Skiiing - both waterskiing and downhill skiing
12. Do you have A.D.D? No, but I can't just sit around doing nothing for too long. It kills me
13. What's one trait that you hate about yourself? I don't like to study
14. Middle name? Asael (ace el )(not a..hole)
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? Wow, my middle name sound like a swear word. I didn't realize that there are so many questions in this thing. I miss Florida
16.Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Water, milk and coke zero.
17. Current worry right now? I hope I pass my test
18. Current hate right now? Fun suckers and selfish people
19. Favorite place to be? With friends, anywhere
20. How did you bring in the New Year? On an airplane going to the gators game.
21. Like to go? Anywhere where I can have fun and laugh a lot
22. Name three people who will complete this? Joe, and that's it
23. Do you own slippers? No. It's not cold enough. And I am not gay enough
24. What color shirt are you wearing? Blue
25. Do you like sleeping on Satin sheets? What are satin sheets.
26. Can you whistle? Yes, when i suck in and when I blow out
27. Favorite color? Blue.
28. Would you be a pirate? This seems like a good question for a boy but it isn't. There is not a boy in the world that would not love to be a pirate. Or a ninja for that matter.
29. What songs to you sing in the shower? I don't sing. I just think
30. Favorite girls name? Micaela (I like the Spanish mika-a-la)
31. Favorite Boys name? Peter
32. whats in your pocket right now? phone
33. Last thing that made you laugh? Talking to my friend Matt and telling him about when I pooed my pants in the summer
34. Worst injury you've ever had? I chopped off Walmir's fingertip.
35. Do you love where you live? Yes, it's home
36. How many TV's do you have in your house? One.
37. Who is your loudest friend? Patrick.
38. How many pets do you have? Two, and I wish that I had none
39. Does someone have a crush on you? Nope
40. What is your favorite book? Les miserables
41. What is your favorite lollie? Do I have to answer this?
42. Favorite sports team? Gators and BYU
43. What were you doing 12am last night? Watching Saterday Night Live (on Monday)
44. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? What woke Evan up
45. Worst habit? Fast food
46. Do you play an instrument? Kazoo
47. How long does it take you to get to work? 35 minutes
48. Plans for the weekend? Working for my mom at the Christmas Farmers market
49.If you could eat anything in the world right this second? Ribs, mmmmmmmm
50. Do you like the person who sent this to you? yes

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weddings, Blessings, and Birthdays .... woohoo!

On Saturday morning the family attended the wedding of Mark and Melanie.  Melanie has known the Palmer clan her whole life and is an adopted member of the family.  She and Chlesea are best friends and Mel was included in the majority of their family activities.  The wedding was gorgeous, and they looked so happy to finally be getting married.  Brian (my father in law) was one of her dad's who gave her away, the other was her step-dad.  That was very special to see as well.  I didn't get a very good picture of Chelsea walking down the isle, but she looked beautiful, and fulfilled her role as Matron of Honor beautifully.  The best memory maid that morning was the ring barer.  He was a little guy and was terrified to walk down the isle (it was a HUGE church and alot of people).  His shoes squeaked, and he cried calling for his mama, the entire way down ... but he did it!!!!  It was ADORABLE!!!! 
The restaurant catered the reception and since Justin and I were already attending, we were also the servers for it.  It was a lovely reception, and went on forever.  I ended up leaving early to relieve my girl friend, Kathy, who was watching Evan.  The entire family (cousins, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles) all got sick this week, and Evan was one of the unlucky's to catch it.  He wasn't doing too badly when I dropped him off, but I guess he got a lot worse while Kathy was watching him.  Thank you Kathy for your service ... and sorry!!! 
The next day Chelsea and Hans blessed their baby Austin out in Mark and Lanny's ward.  It was so fun to have the entire family together again.  After church we took a couple pictures, and all of us headed to Lanny's house to celebrate the blessing and Logan's birthday.  Since we moved here in June Logan asks everyday when his birthday is, and if we will buy him Transformers because he is "asessed" with them.  (that is how he says "obsessed").  I think he made out pretty good.  What do you think? 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Photo shoot!

Happy Halloween

In our neighborhood one of the show-homes goes all out and decorates their house and lets people go through.  We took Evan and our nephew Austin through.  It was actually pretty awesome, and the boys were fascinated with all the ghosts and witches that would move and speak.  

This guy was in the basement and he actually lit up like he was being electrocuted.  You had to flip a switch that was coming out of the wall and everything.  
This picture is just cute, so I had to include it.  Go Gators!!!!  (Beat Georgia!)
We then went trick-or-treating in the mall, Justin (I mean Evan) had a great time! 
After the mall we headed to Jared and Amanda's to trick-or-treat with the rest of the cousins.