Wednesday, September 26, 2012

tid bits

I'm sitting right now and the house is quiet, relatively clean, the sun is shining and I'm in an outfit that makes me feel pretty.  Honestly I look at my life right now and I feel like I am busy, but not too busy, and things are relatively calm.  I'm loving the stages of both the boys, and I'm trying desperately to keep my mind focused and soak up this last year with Evan before he goes to school full time.  I feel like we have a decent handle on the boys extra activities (this is our first year doing this) and feel good that I have been able to plan it spaced throughout the week.    

My phone is dead and once I get it all charged up I will download all of the pictures I have of some fun activities, but until then I just wanted to say .... "thank you Calgary for the continuing beautiful weather.  I know its all going to go down hill really fast, so I promise to enjoy it as long as you'll keep it coming! I wouldn't complain if you made the leaves turn green again and went back to summer though."

This little one is a ball of ENERGY!!!  He sprained his wrist this week jumping off of stuff.  I don't think this will be the last time that happens to him.  

Landon has also said some cute stuff lately.  I'm pretty sure he sometimes thinks that he has SMA because he said to me the other day.  "Mom, I cannot come.  My battery is dead."  He would of course get that kind of sentence from when Evan is stranded because his wheelchair battery is dead.  And several times during the night he will wake up and call for me so I can put his blanket on him.  Trust me he is able to do it himself and I make him do it every time, but Evan can't and so Landon thinks he isn't able to.  I don't know if these make sense, but I think they are pretty funny!

Justin did a presentation in Evans class about dentistry.  To say he was a HIT would be an understatement.  The kids were cheering and laughing the whole time.  Who knew dentistry could be so fun?  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Evan's first primary talk

Yesterday Evan gave his first talk in Primary.  He was so excited to give it and we couldn't be more proud of him.  He spoke clearly into the microphone and wasn't nervous at all.  His talk was about Choosing the Right.

"I have a little brother named Landon.  He is very strong.  We like playing with each other but sometimes we don't get along.  Sometimes he hurts me and I want to run him over with my wheelchair, so he knows how it feels.  I know that Jesus wants me to choose the right.  I forgive my brother because that is what Jesus wants me to do.  I feel good when I choose the right."

We love you Evan!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

the BIG 30

Yes folks, I'm still WAAAAYYY behind on the blog, and possibly even more shocking ......

I turned 30!!!!!!!

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about hitting this particular milestone.  I am officially no longer "young", but I do have to say that the celebration of turning 30 couldn't have been better!  Honestly I feel so blessed to live the life I live.  It all started with a surprise party to end all surprise parties!

I was completely unsuspecting when Justin led me out of the house (sans make up, and wearing "mom clothes")!!!!  So imagine the leap my heart took when we came back to a HUGE crowd of my closest friends screaming surprise!  I CANNOT even begin to tell you the feeling of love I felt that night.  They knew I'd be gone for my actual birthDAY and completely went overboard with a party.  The house had been cleaned and decorated, all of my favorite treats were laid out beautifully on the table, and everything was a pink paradise!!!  No detail was overlooked and I walked around with a perma-smile plastered on my face because I felt so loved!

Thank you girls ... you got me ... and I LOVED it!

 do you know how much work went into this cake?  I do and Erin still made it for me!!!  WOW!

Justin took me away for the weekend on a couples get away.  It was PERFECT!!!  We lounged at the pool, ate really yummy food, went to a show, ate yummy food, slept in, ate yummy food, went to the pool, ate yummy food, went to a show, slept in, ate yummy food, and then I got on an airplane.  It was a glorious way to end my 20's and begin my 30's.  Thank you love

 Good bye 20's

 hello 30's!!!
(do I look different????)