Tuesday, May 29, 2012

sadly the last of the pictures

For you Alycia!!!
 One of the best moments of the entire week!!!!  This is Evan's face when his Idol, CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW, came out on stage!!  He got to meet him personally and was made "a real pirate" by Capt. Jack himself.  Evan is still talking about it!!!  The sad part is that when Capt. Jack went out of his way to meet Evan it happened so fast that I didn't get a picture of it.  I thought it was all fine because the "official" photographer got the picture, but his weren't that great. :-(  It will just have to be one of those really really special memories that I remember in my head.

 Evan is being sworn in.
 Landon was a little too nervous to go on stage with Capt. Jack so Daddy got him a certificate.  It was funny though because Landon started to go up on stage but then Capt. Jack started to speak to him and he slowly backed away.  Jacks response???
"Oh good, I didn't want you to upstage me anyways."

Harry Potter world was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously some of the things that they created were out of this world!
 At the end of the day it was nice to have some space where the boys could all run and we didn't have to scream at them to stay close, or to come back, or to pay attention.....

The Itchetucknee River is HANDS DOWN one of my favorite places around Gainesville.  It is one of the most beautiful places that God created and to be with friends while floating .... nothing beats it!!
I'm just glad that Irene didn't deliver her baby on the raft.  I had a dream the night before that she would and then she started contracting.  Thankfully I am not a prophet!!!

Evan LOVED the water.  He kept asking to go in with Justin!  He was so nervous at first but it was so sweet to see the trust he has in his daddy.  After he took that leap of faith and realized that Justin was going to take care of him he LOVED it!
10 adults
10 kids

What would a trip to the Itchetucknee be without a stop afterwards at Bev's Better Burgers.  This was originally just a joke stop, but it was so good we keep going back.

We left the next day which was sooooo sad!  Both boys kept saying that we should've stayed another week.  Evan especially had a hard time saying goodbye to Sahara.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Real Camera: Gainesville and Cocoa

Every time we are in Florida we try and spend the weekends in Gainesville because we can usually see more people that way.  Almost the whole time we lived in Florida I was in the youth group at our church. I love when I get to see any of my girls again and still can't believe that they all grew up.  Married, long term relationships, college, babies ......
too weird, but still very cool.

And now to the Cocoa pics!!!!!!
(and my dear sweet hubby has been doing much better at taking pictures without me asking so our children will know what I look like, so there are some good pictures of me :-)


Where are Evan's feet????
Oh, there they are!! 

Cant even tell you how much I love this picture!!

its really hard to get a good picture of Landon because he is ALWAYS running!!!

OK, now he lost his body.  This sand thing is going a little far ;-)

Oh if only I could live on the beach!!!  I live for these days.  Even the boys keep talking about the ocean and want to go back.  Just look at this picture ... they enjoyed it so much they look absolutely pooped!!!

obviously we disregarded our healthy eating habits for some good ol' southern BBQ!!!