Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Phone number 2

Here are the pictures from my phone.  Man I loved my time at home!!!  I truly belong in Florida :-)

Family Picture after a yummy fish dinner in Cocoa!

the Eichelbergers met us part way through the day, but I must have been a little tired because I don't have any pictures with Jon and Semra, which totally bites!!!!  Such great memories though!!!!!!!

The boys desperately wanted to see tinker bell fly through the sky.  They passes out about 10 minutes before the show started.  I took a video and they seemed alright with that.

Buddy's brother

Harry Potter world with the Da Costa's
one word

the rest of universal

Miss Irene!  This woman is amazing!  She is having this baby of hers tomorrow and braved Universal with us and her family.  That would be 4 little boys all under the age of 4.
Damon:18 months

It took all week for these two to play nice.  It happened right before we left.  Better timing next time boys.
On our way home to Gainesville we stopped by the temple to show Evan where he was sealed to our family for time and all eternity.

Back in Gainesville

We went to the Itchetucknee river and Evan got creative with some pretzels
My soul sister!!!!!  She changed my life for the better!!!!
Dr. Odom I LOVE YOU!!!!
On our way home.

I had to get a mothers day picture with my thing one and thing two!  They really travel well ... I am a blessed mommy!!


sallysue said...

So we may have been in FL at the same time! I was at Disney on the 6 May!


Glad you had a good time.


Tessa @ Lighting the World on Fire said...

I love that last picture of them flying through the airport! Such joy!

bree johnson said...

that last pic is amazeballs! sooo cute!

Peter and Mandy said...

So fun...I see you went to Pooh's house :) The pictures look like so much fun.

Lisa said...

Love the pictures! Your hair is getting long! Love that showed Evan the Temple where he was sealed to you :) I want to go to the Harry Potter Park. Love this post :)

Lisa said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I especially loved the pretzel picture :)