Thursday, May 17, 2012


I think it is funny that I had more opportunity to blog while I was in middle of nowhere Peru than when I was in Florida.  It is probably the "no kid" factor of Peru.  And now that we have returned ... the beautiful weather and hubbub of real life totally gets in the way.  

Anyway ....... I don't want to wait posting pics.  So you are going to get several installments of pics as they are downloaded.  These are from my camera phone.

We woke the boys up at 4AM and flew to my favorite place in the world!!!  We hit up Gainesville two weekends in a row and smashed Cocoa Beach, Disney's magic kingdom, Universal Studios, and Itchetucknee all in between.

As always it is the trip that gets me through the winter and is what I look forward to all year!!!

Enjoy :-)

 We saw our house from the airplane

and then promptly fell asleep!!!

Cocoa Beach

We took Evan to see the birthing center where he was born.
He thought it was pretty neat.


Maren Leavitt said...

I'm glad you got this trip! Missing you...

Lisa said...

Love the pictures and I especially like the picture of Evan at the birthing center with the sign :)