Saturday, June 23, 2012

missing my hubby!!!

I think my blog misses me, but I had run into some memory problems before my trip and now I am gone and am battling so many other people for computer time.  I think it might all just have to wait until I get home where I can hug my Justin again.

I have been having a TON of whirlwind fun with my family!  Unfortunately Justin is still back at home working hard to support my vacations ;-) I will share all details later.  

Something I would like to share .....
Justin emailed me these pictures from our anniversary and I LOVE them!!!  How lucky were we that Justin had an event to attend at a swanky restaurant, with a photographer, on our 9 year anniversary??!!  I had to share.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy 9 Years

Growing up I always pictured in my mind what my husband would be like.  I knew for sure he would be tall, dark, and handsome!!!!  Well he is taller than me, and handsome, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.  

Justin and I got married today 9 years ago!!  9 YEARS!!!!!  That is a really long time, but I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Justin works hard to support our family, he is an incredible father, and a really fun person to be around.  We have been physically together for only 3 or our 8 previous anniversaries, so when this one came up we both were surprised that we would actually be together to celebrate.

Eric, thank you for bringing Justin into my life.  Justin, thank you for wanting to go on a blind date with me.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for being my best friend!  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

Enjoy some pictures celebrating our 9 years together.
(my account won't let me add more pictures so I wasn't able to add our engagement pictures.  I'll have to figure that out later!)

JUNE 7, 2003

1st Anniversary

2nd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary

4th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

6th Anniversary

7th Anniversary

 8th Anniversary
(Remember how I said we are often not together on our anniversary.  Last year I was in San Diego for a while and Justin was at a conference in Vegas.  I don't even think we did anything last year to celebrate because when I was going through pictures there were none of us together alone for a while before or after our anniversary.  I had to laugh though because Justin took this picture ON our anniversary!!!)

This man is amazing and I'm so glad he's mine!!!!!!!!!
  I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


My boys have said some truly memorable stuff in the last little while and I wanted to make sure I recorded before I lost my little index card that records this kind of stuff. 
-About 5 minutes after we got him his very own Harry Potter wand at Harry Potter World Evan rolls up with a very sweet and truly disappointed look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, as he gave his wand another shake ..... "My wand doesn't work"  He had been going around trying to do magic and was sad when it didn't work for him.  I have to admit that it broke my heart a little to kill the magic, but I reminded him that it was all pretend.  We watched the first movie with him and had a long discussion about how it was a story and some of the scary things in the movie are all fake, because the story wasn't real.  He said that he remembered that but how did I explain the magic demonstrated in the wand room we had just come from.  I was so glad that we could keep a little of that magic alive and I told him that the wands worked in that room because that room was magic.  He had a death grip on his wand the rest of our time in Florida and he now calls it his "wand sword".  He loves it!

-About a month before we left for Florida Evan made another milestone and really comprehended what it meant to be adopted.  It was a very sweet, and tender moment for us.  I was curious to see how he reacted when we saw his tummy mommy in Florida, now that he actually understands who she is.  It was so sweet because he really enjoyed his time with her and her family and kept asking us "can I sit with my tummy mommy at church?"  You could tell in his hugs that he really enjoyed his time with her.

-During breakfast the other day Evan blurts out, "I wish my penis was really big!!  Like to my knees ... or maybe to all the way to the floor and then I could pee right onto the ground!!!!"

-Evan is always talking about getting married!  He moved from his older bus driver with a mullet to his teacher.  He was planning their wedding and everything :-)  So his teacher was telling me that when they were talking about it she reminded him that she is still quite a bit older than him.  Evan said "no I'm not going to marry you right now, I'll marry you when I'm older."  Miss Kyla sadly informed Evan that when he gets older so does she.  Evan thought about it and said, "Fine ... Alexa will do."   (Alexa is the only girl in his class of 15.  I think it is hilarious that he sees her as his only other option now.  Too Funny!!!

-Evan keeps telling people, "Did you know that I was born in the hottest place in the universe??  I was born in Florida!!!"

-There was a lot of talk about Evan's tummy mommy in Florida.  Questions from Evan and we saw her a couple of times.  Well my little smarty pants of a 2 year old caught right on, which surprised me because he is really young still.  He knew that Evan's tummy mommy wasn't the same as his.  He kept saying, "Where my Tummy Mummy??" "Who my Tummy Mummy?" It was really sweet!

-Landon and I were in the shower and he looks up, points to my chest and says, "Mama, what are those?" I answered truthfully that they were my boobs and he responds with "Why are you wearing them?"  I told him that God gave them to me.  Landon started laughing and said "They are funny!!"

-"I'm gonna get a new wheelchair like brother." My heart sings at how much Landon admires his older brother.  With all the people that Landon loves, he holds nobody in higher regard than his big brother Evan.  I'm even crying just writing this.  I love it, and I hope it never changes.  Evan will be such a source of emotional strength for Landon and Landon will be Evan's physical strength.  It is going to be beautiful!

-We were all playing Rock Paper Scissors and Landon would call it "Rock n' Roll scissors"

-"God put boogers in my nose, right Mama?" "yes Landon he did" "Thats why I eat them."

-"Setawen" = skeleton
-"Bonstors"= Monsters
-"Efewent"= Elephant
-"Syboh" = Spider

Friday, June 1, 2012


I think I might be a yogini.  I have been doing hot yoga for a little bit now and I found that I have a natural talent.  I never thought of myself as a flexible person, but what I've realized is that I am quite flexible except for a few poses.  I got a little boost of confidence yesterday though.  After class I was asking the instructor some questions about the poses and he said that I was very good and have beautiful floor practice.  It felt awesome to hear that.

Now how did all this come about???  Let me tell you ......

After my last excruciating "back episode" I went to the doctor for some suggestions.  He said that unfortunately despite the fact that I am young and I am healthy my back just isn't strong enough to keep up with all of the things I ask it to do.

I have been extra diligent in focusing my exercise on my lower back and core muscles.  My doctor said that yoga would be the best thing for my back and to try and fit it in 3 times a week.  As all of you other mommies know, that is harder than it sounds.  I like my kids and want to spend time with them so the idea of leaving them that much through the week made me sad.  There is always night time for me but there are plenty of other things I would rather do.

My Solution
I got a yoga DVD and then I go out and do hot yoga as I am able (I try for once a week).  Let me tell you I think it might be working.  Knock on wood my back is feeling stronger and there are times that the constant sciatic pain dulls.

I hope this works, because I'm actually enjoying myself.  I may even be hoping a little that I get strong enough to run again.  Ok, its a BIG hope!!!