Thursday, July 17, 2008

It has been a year!

Monday and Tuesday we spent the day on a houseboat in Lake Koocanusa. It was such a beautiful experience! We spent the two days with Justin's dad and step mom and her parents. It felt like we had the lake all to ourselves. We went fishing, and I learned to gut, clean, and cook a fish! The Kokanee salmon were to die for!!! The slide, the hot tub, the fireworks, the jet skiing, and especially the water skiing were the perfect combination for a vacation.

What is truly on my mind though is the first birthday of our angel. We cannot believe that it has been a full year. The only way to describe our year as parents is to say that we have been so blessed! Everyday with Evan was and is still heaven on earth. We are still just as possesive of our growing son as always. We are forever in awe of our little man. We love him more than any other thing in our life. Happy Birthday Evan Almighty!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It should never be 43' F in the summer. EVER!

A Load of Fun all in two days!!!

Like the title says ... we definitely had fun the last two days. It'll be good to have a little break today. Tuesday, July 8, 2008, we had Evan's birthday party. It was a week early, but it was the only day that everyone from the family would be able to make it. It was a lot of fun. I admit that I am a little anal when it comes to what Evan eats. I am definately not against sugar, but why give him the sugar loaded foods when he doesn't know that he is missing it? Sue me, but I want to give my baby the healthiest food as long as possible, rather than force feed him food full of preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. When he knows the difference then I will ease up. Now having said that I also think that every first birthday baby deserve the experience of digging into their very own cake, and getting soo messy. Evan got VERY messy, but did not dig in. I wish I could jump in and see how my kids mind works. He devours dirt, leaves, and grass, but won't put cake into his mouth. Oh well, it was still funny, and some day we will have our normal computer up and running so that I can post a picture of it.

Yesterday, July 9, 2008, we got a baby sitter and headed to The Calgary Stampede with Justin's family. This was the second time we went to the fair grounds, and the first going to the Grand Stand show and the Chuck Wagon races. (Side note story: We must be southern! The first time we were at the fair grounds a lady from Oklahoma, who Justin was talking to, was shocked that he was Canadian. She said that he had a Texas accent. Awesome!) The Chuck Wagon races were exhilirating. The cowboys buy 2nd or 3rd string race horses who's career is done and they race them hooked up to the chuck wagon. It was great.

The Grand Stand Show was amazing!!! By far the best act was the really strong acrobat duet. An act just like it was on Oprah last year (yes Janae, I watch Oprah). The next was the comedic bagpiper. We have never seen anything like him before. He threw out guitar pics to the crowd and played Led Zepplin. It was so cool!!!

p.s. We ate enough crappy food that I am positive we decreased our life expectancy by 5 years. We even tried a fried Oreo (an experience someone should have only once!).

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today I made a breakthrough, and I am so thrilled I have to share it with everyone. I met people today and they are really nice. For the week and a little bit that we have been here we have been going in and out of our garage. Last night I found a flyer on our door that said there would be a block party tonight. I figured that if I am ever going to meet my neighbors/ potential friends this would definitely be the place to do it. So at 4:00 I packed myself, Evan, and the hot dogs we were donating (Justin was working [sad]) and headed over to the music.

At first I felt very awkward, but I put on my brave face and just walked up to different groups and said "Hi, I'm Kira. We just moved into our home 2 days ago. We are the ones with the semi-trailer in our front yard. What's your name?" My method seemed to work, as I made some friends and met our future babysitter. There were TONS of kids and most of them were boys! Ever since we bought this house we have felt inspired that it was the right place for us to live, and those feelings are still here.

As a side note, I think I know what caused my rash. The day we packed up the moving truck in Florida I got bit by something I didn't recognize. The bite did all sorts of funky stuff, and my finger would randomly puff up like a sausage. The severe itching, and pain is mostly gone (unless I touch it), but I still have the bite two weeks later. A couple days ago I was watching the news about ticks and a woman was describing her bite and a rash she got. I went on line, and I think my rash was a reaction to the tick bite. After looking at the pictures of ticks I know that is what bit me. When I had the rash (thankfully it is gone now) I tried to get a picture, but none of them really showed the rash for what it was. On google I looked up "rash after tick bite" and my rash looked exactly like the images that came up. I've included one for your enjoyment. Now, just picture this convering my chest, back, arms, and FACE. I am not lying. I was COVERED!! Lovely picture isn't it? NOT!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Anyone who wants to call us, call Justin's cell phone. Mine died and I can't find my charger ... again.

Our stuff is still not here. I know everyone tells you to plan on having delays with major companies, but it does not get any less frustrated. Our moving truck was supposed to take 5 buisness days, and we knew that it probably take a day or two longer than that (that would have been yesterday). We call yesterday and they said that they left it parked in Butte, Montana because they did not have a copy of our passport. Now, I promise you that if they had told us to provide a copy ahead of time, we would have provided it. If they had called to tell us they needed it we would have faxed it immediately. Nevertheless, today is Canada Day so nothing will be processed today, and who knows when our stuff will arrive. I don't want to think about it right now.
We bought a beautiful couch and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday (guaranteed) ... without going into the whole saga, we still don't have a couch.
I woke up Saturday morning with a bad rash all over my body. During the day it got really bad, I look like I have leprosy and it was unbelievably itchy!!!! It kept getting worse and so I went to the doctor. He hardly looked at me, and basically told me to suck it up.

Alright that is all for the things that are making my life really hard right now. Now for the good stuff.
I LOVE Auburn Bay! Our house is perfect, and the amenities of the community are better than I could have ever imagined. I have been to the lake 2 times already and can't wait to go again today to celebrate Canada Day.
The weather has been kind. The whole week the weather has been hot, and beautiful. I know this probably won't last long, but I am enjoying it while it's here.
Justin has loved working at his mom's restaurant. He actually makes really good money in tips and it is nice to have a little extra, as we are trying to furnish an entire house.
We spent the weekend out at the ranch, VERY relaxing!

I hope ya'll are doing well, and we miss all of our Florida family. I can't wait until our computer arrives and then we can start with adding pictures to our posts again.
Happy Canada Day!!!