Monday, August 30, 2010

It is finished!

I feel like I did in school.

When you are in University you know finals or a recital (or both) are coming up. You know your life is going to be crazy busy for a period of time. You prepare yourself for it. The time comes and it is just as busy as you knew it would be and then ...................................... its done! Just like that it is done and you don't really know what to think or do.

That is how I feel right now. We got home from our last vacation, had a crazy busy day in Calgary (not at home), got home at 1:40 AM, slept and woke up, went to church and then I came home for good. My summer is now over and I have to admit that as nice as it will be to have somewhat of a normal life I am very sad it is over.

Now I might, just might, have some time to catch up with my trips :-) In the meantime I have to share the latest things that my sweet Evan has said over the last couple of months. (yes, I have written them down just so I wouldn't forget them)

-I said to Justin "I think Evan is gaining weight." Evan overhears us and says "I not getting white!"

-I made cupcakes for Landon's birthday party and gave Evan the beater to lick. As I give it to him he gets a very sly grin on his face and says: "Come to Papa." Where did he ever come up with THAT one?

-We have a lot of summer birthdays in our family. Happy birthday is Evan's second favorite song to sing (Oh Canada is his very favorite) and he now adds a very tuneful " .... and many moooons" to the end of the song every time.

-I was putting him down for his nap and Evan says: "Mama, can I have some water please? I need to fill up."

-In Waterton we put the boys in the same room and told Evan that they were going to have a sleep over every night. He thought that was a pretty cool idea. The first morning Justin overheard them in their room. Landon had woken up and was talking to Evan. Then he hears Evan say: "Hi Landon, Hi Landon. Landon I am tired go back to sleep!"

-Evan has had good vocabulary for a while, but lately he has increased his language skills even more. This morning Justin was up with him and came in to ask me if I could make Evan some toast (my poor hubby is starting to get sick). I make and bring Evan the toast and he looks up at me and very clearly says, with a giggle: "Oh I thought Daddy was going to bring me the toast. Thank you so much for the toast Mom."
Melt my heart!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


NO JOKE!!! I actually did!!! Now for a Hollywood sleeze slut like me that is a BIG deal! I have never been that close to anyone famous before, and I LOVED IT!
I know, I know ... they are just people, but it was still really cool!

Really I can chalk this whole night up to the fact that I am married to an amazing man! I knew we were going out to dinner with Justin's mom to celebrate her birthday tomorrow (Happy Birthday Lanny). My brother is in town right now so I was feeling bad about leaving him alone for the night, but this birthday dinner was planned before we knew he was coming and he said he understood.

Justin came home from work and told me that I needed to dress up for the "surprise" following dinner. Justin knows that I love surprises and wouldn't tell me anything.

After dinner we drive to the Saddledome and neither of us girls knew anything. I was SO EXCITED when I figured it out! I LOVE Michael Buble!!!

We were sitting on the floor, really close to the front and on the isle! Michael walked by and he held my hand, so what if it was only for a second.

At the end of the concert Lanny and I ran up to the front and were REALLY close as he closed the show, better than any ending I have ever seen. I even randomly ran into one of my friends at the front and we got to ooh and aah together.

All I have to say is that Michael Buble is an INCREDIBLE performer! He is gracious and kind. He is as funny as a stand up comedian and I am still so giddy I can't even think straight!
I hope this post even makes sense ... I will find out for myself when I read it back in the morning :-)

Seriously on par with the best performances I have ever been to!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Old Town

I LOVED that my boys got to have some one on one time with my parents and my sister Sarah. There weren't that many people in the house, so they got a lot of attention and I think it was really good for them.

I cannot even BEGIN to describe just how much Landon loves my mom!!!! I am pretty sure he loves her more than he loves me.
I love our family

Mom and I took the boys to Old Town. I haven't been able to just walk around Old Town for a while. It was a beautiful day filled with my Southern California/Mexican beauty that I grew up with!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My 10 Year Reunion

Am I really this old????

I must be since I just had a BLAST at my 10 year reunion last week! I flew into San Diego, dropped my kiddos off at my parents, and operation Mom's weekend off began!

I have talked before about how amazing my group of friends were in high school. We were as diverse as they come, and we loved each other immensely. They loved me for who I was and they love me for who I am! We decided that we would make a girls weekend of the reunion.

Here is a brief re-cap of the days events:

1) meet at Lori's house for our "traditional" breakfast of Swedish pancakes that her daddy always made for us. (be sure to bring kiddos to show off how cute they are)

2) get pampered at the nail salon, despite bubbly polish (sorry Tess). Make sure we put on our seat belts carefully afterwards.

3) drive to Nordstrom and meet at really yummy cafe for lunch.

4) get make-up professionally done. Be sure to run around to as many people as possible and take pictures. If you end up waiting for people look at/buy shoes.

(no I didn't get these AMAZING shoes, but Liz and Erin did!)

5) Check into the hotel rooms. Cut bangs, avoid exploding drinks, do hair, and get dressed. Realize that unintentionally everyone has an outfit twin.

6) Arrive at 10 year reunion and take some awkward, BUT really fun pictures. Claim table. Start socializing. Start eating the appetizers.

7) Eat, continue socializing, come in 2nd place for some of the awards (at least thats how I am calling it) and take some great friend pictures.
(how didn't I get one of me and Lori or Courtney Jen??)

8)Dance the night away and get some great shots that are soooo post worthy!

9) Group picture ... continue dancing. Can I just say that "Tootsie Roll" ROCKS and had everyone rocking the dance floor. (it time warped me back 10 years :-)
(I graduated in a class of about 900, the numbers were a bit smaller this time around, and no ... Adam did not come)

10)Walk back to the hotel room. Hop into bed with friends and start chowing down on peanut butter cups and bundt cake, since we were too busy dancing to realize that we missed dessert.

11)Wake up at 10AM. Did you hear me??? I GOT TO SLEEP IN UNTIL 10 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Realize that I was so excited for the previous day that I forgot to pack appropriate morning shoes.

12) Lounge in the sun while eating breakfast with girls. Meet a guy who went to Mt. Carmel and knew Tessa (she didn't know him). Check out, drive home to my babies.

-It is fun to wear cheesy jewelry to your reunion.
-The mean girls haven't really changed. They are still stuck up and they just look really hungry!
-Apparently Lori is a really good therapist, and Tessa was "cute" in high school, but is hot now.
-People really liked my hair (I got compliments on it ALL night long), and I was really concerned about my hair.
-I guess it isn't normal to have such a good relationship with your high school group. There were two (Ari and Claudia) who couldn't come, and we have lost touch with Hannah.
-I have really good friends. (that includes you Mandy :-)

I can't believe it has been 10 years