Monday, August 9, 2010

conflicting feelings

I am in San Diego right now, I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE!!!! I can't wait to post what is going on, but I wanted to write about what happened last night.

I come from a large family. Usually I am here when everyone else is here. Right now it is just my parents, and Sarah. The benefit of that is space to sleep in. I put Landon in his own room (no surprise there) and am sleeping with Evan.

At 5:15 this morning Evan rolled off the bed! This is never a good thing for anyone, but a child with SMA??? I have never woken up so quickly, and my heart dropped when I saw my baby lying on the floor face down. He wasn't able to hold his own head or squirm because his poor little body hurt. I rocked him and held him until he calmed down and told me that he would like to go back to sleep.

I laid him back in bed, right next to my body, while feeling so sad that he had to experience that. Grateful that he is alright, and absolutely AMAZED that he was rolling enough to roll off the bed!!! That kind of movement (rolling) is HUGE!

When I was telling my mom about it Evan said, "Mama, don't tell her". Too bad baby .... the whole world knows now :-)


Dorienne said...

Poor little dude. There seems to be so much I still don't know about SMA. I think it's time I did some learning.

Fred ... said...

Evan rolled out of bed this morning?!?! That is great that he can roll like that. I'm glad that there is no real damage done to his cute little body.

Anonymous said...

yup, our Evan has had that exact thing happen, and I've felt EXACTLY the same way... amazed that he actually moved enough to do it, but hurt that it embarrased and hurt him. Now that he's older, he moves/squirms around alot in bed and in the mornings I sometimes find him at the bottom of his bed turned right around! That always makes me smile and laugh and Evan, well, he just thinks his Mom is nuts.

xoxo Ang

Lisa said...

Glad he didn't get hurt.