Monday, August 30, 2010

It is finished!

I feel like I did in school.

When you are in University you know finals or a recital (or both) are coming up. You know your life is going to be crazy busy for a period of time. You prepare yourself for it. The time comes and it is just as busy as you knew it would be and then ...................................... its done! Just like that it is done and you don't really know what to think or do.

That is how I feel right now. We got home from our last vacation, had a crazy busy day in Calgary (not at home), got home at 1:40 AM, slept and woke up, went to church and then I came home for good. My summer is now over and I have to admit that as nice as it will be to have somewhat of a normal life I am very sad it is over.

Now I might, just might, have some time to catch up with my trips :-) In the meantime I have to share the latest things that my sweet Evan has said over the last couple of months. (yes, I have written them down just so I wouldn't forget them)

-I said to Justin "I think Evan is gaining weight." Evan overhears us and says "I not getting white!"

-I made cupcakes for Landon's birthday party and gave Evan the beater to lick. As I give it to him he gets a very sly grin on his face and says: "Come to Papa." Where did he ever come up with THAT one?

-We have a lot of summer birthdays in our family. Happy birthday is Evan's second favorite song to sing (Oh Canada is his very favorite) and he now adds a very tuneful " .... and many moooons" to the end of the song every time.

-I was putting him down for his nap and Evan says: "Mama, can I have some water please? I need to fill up."

-In Waterton we put the boys in the same room and told Evan that they were going to have a sleep over every night. He thought that was a pretty cool idea. The first morning Justin overheard them in their room. Landon had woken up and was talking to Evan. Then he hears Evan say: "Hi Landon, Hi Landon. Landon I am tired go back to sleep!"

-Evan has had good vocabulary for a while, but lately he has increased his language skills even more. This morning Justin was up with him and came in to ask me if I could make Evan some toast (my poor hubby is starting to get sick). I make and bring Evan the toast and he looks up at me and very clearly says, with a giggle: "Oh I thought Daddy was going to bring me the toast. Thank you so much for the toast Mom."
Melt my heart!!!


Lisa said...

Sweet! I hope that Justin gets better soon.

merrilykaroly said...

I love all the little things Evan says! It is so fun to hear your baby as they start talking and see their personality come out even more!!

Peter and Mandy said...

Yay a little relaxing time!