Wednesday, September 1, 2010

San Diego Wild Animal Park

This last trip to San Diego was unique in the fact that I was going back for something that only involved me. This meant that I was the only visitor. I had know idea what to think. Remember that I am the oldest of 6 children and the house was always chaotic and full when I was growing up. Anytime I go back it is for something big, like Christmas, graduations, weddings, etc. and EVERYONE is there. This time there weremy parents and my little sister, and we didn't see a whole lot of her. It was fun to have some one on one time with my parents and I could see how wonderful it was for my kids to have that one on one time with Grandpa and Grandma.

One of the special things we got to do was go to the Wild Animal Park with my mom. Here are the top 10 things I liked about the Wild Animal Park.

#1: Really cool parrots as you walk in.

#2: Having Evan ASK me to take pictures of him in different spots he thought were cool ... like this tree!

#3: Feeding the ducks with my boys.

#4: Seeing how much fun Evan had playing in the misters

#5: Petting the deer. Landon was trying to be brave. He would get as close as he could while having a death grip on Grandma's hand. We did eventually get him to feed a deer.

#6: Really tired babies, who sleep through anything. (why doesn't he sleep like this at home?)

#7: Baby Elephants who play together

#8: Evan's experience with the Lorakeets
At the Wild Animal Park you can buy some nectar before you go into the Lorakeet cage and it pretty much guarantees that the birds will land on you. I asked Evan if he wanted the birds to land on him and he said yes.

Well we went in and Evan is holding his nectar out for the birds (with a huge grin on his face) when all of a sudden .... a lorakeet flew right behind his head and landed by his shoulder, literally scaring him to death. He took his cup of nectar and threw it at the bird. He was terrified!

Once he calmed down he was really sad that he didn't have anymore nectar. Lucky for him the worker saw everything and gave him some more nectar for free. From then on he was in hog heaven :-)

#9: My Mom and the Lorakeets!!!

These are all of the pictures I was taking of Landon and the Lorakeets. It wasn't until after that I saw my mom's expressions!!!!!! She was NOT impressed with the birds, especially when they pooped on her. Evan thought it was so funny and kept telling everyone that the birds pooped on Grandma. These pictures just make my day!

#10: I got to take the best two animals home with me :-)


The Meyers said...

I love the pictures with Evan and the birds. Too funny!

Lisa said...

Part of the problem was that when Evan threw his nectar it got all over me so I was sticky and gross and then the birds pooped on me. Not a great experience. The only thing that made it worth it was Evan getting happy after he got more nectar.

Fred ... said...

I wish I could have gone with you. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

Natalie said...

That looks like a really cool park. Your boys are so cute in all the pictures. I loved your top 10 list.

Peter and Mandy said...

On one of our first dates we went to the Wild Animal Park and fed the lorikeets, one was standing on my shoulder and pooped and the poop went flying! One of the workers said, that we were more likely to be pooped on by a bird not currently on us. Your mom got real lucky I guess :)

Dorienne said...

I'm not sure those elephants were "playing"! Evan has the best expressions in his pictures and Landon is growing up. What a cutie.