Sunday, January 13, 2013

baby land

It is probably no surprise that my life has been a little crazy since October.  Having a newborn is always busy.  Having Cameron is busier, not a bad busy, in fact it is a beautiful busy.  Besides all of the appointments I have thoroughly immersed myself in baby world.  My sweet little baby is probably our last and I am trying so hard not to forget the addicting smell of his skin, the kissable skin on his neck, his frog legs, and the feel of his downy hair.  Cameron is a perfect baby.  He never cries or complains, even if he is hungry or being smothered by his older brothers.  Cameron started smiling on December 30th and laughing shortly after that.  We still have to work pretty hard for those rewards and it makes our day when we get them.  I love that he always looks like he is thinking about things.  Maybe he is remembering heaven, maybe he is seeing angels, or maybe he is just wondering why all these crazy people keep staring at him.  No matter what it is, Cameron's little brain is always at work.

Cameron forgot to read his rule book and has instead been writing his own rules.  Cameron is not supposed to be physically strong.  His being born early and having Down Syndrome both dictate that and yet he is VERY strong.  Cameron's heart condition tells him that he isn't supposed to grow very well, and yet he is growing very quickly.  He is 3 months old now and has gone from weighing 4lb. 14oz, to 9 1/2 lbs.  I feel very grateful to live in a city that can provide such great medical care for our angel and even more grateful that I don't have to drive very far away for that care since he has at least an appointment a week (sometimes more).

Cameron can clear a room with the smell that often comes out of him.  We joke around that he farts and sneezes like an old man!  He can already roll over front to back, and traveled like a true vetran on his first road trip!  Cameron has discovered his hand and can entertain himself for a while just looking at his sweet fist.  He sleeps through the night, never cries, and tolerates the love from his brothers beautifully.  Since we finally got to the States I was able to get the things I needed for the nursery.  Finally, after 3 months, I was able to decorate Cameron's nursery and I am soooo happy with how it all turned out!  We are all feeling incredibly blessed that Cameron is in our family!  (Even if Evan has started saying that we need to adopt again, and this time make sure its a girl....)