Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrating our special man

I feel so lucky to have the family that I have!  We had a very special weekend to celebrate our perfect little man and almost everyone was there to celebrate with us.

As Mormons we have the option to be married in the temple if we promise to live a certain lifestyle. When we are married in the temple we call it a sealing. This is not a marriage for time but an eternal marriage. There is no "till death do you part". Any children that are born are born under the covenant and are sealed to their parents through the marriage sealing. With adoption that sealing is not automatic and so we get to be sealed to that individual child in a ceremony within the temple walls. It is such a special, beautiful ceremony and I feel so blessed that I have gotten to experience it 3 times now, in addition to my marriage to Justin!

We were surrounded by our loved ones in that room.  During the ceremony Cameron just stared at Justin the whole time. I knew he would because the other boys did it too. Evan stared at Justin, Landon stared at me and Cameron could not keep his eyes off Justin through the whole ceremony. This special ceremony that makes our family eternal is by far the highlight of my life.

We spent some time taking pictures outside the temple and then met everyone afterwards at Peters Drive In!!! (Best fast food in Calgary!)

That night Evan said the cutest prayer. He thanked our Heavenly Father that Cameron was sealed to our family and that Cameron can now know he can be with us forever, even when he dies and is living with Jesus again. I love that he gets it!  He really gets it!!!

The next day we had the privilege of blessing Cameron in church. I loved that we even had some men wearing "Mormon helping hands" shirts in the circle. I feel honored that we have friends who are sacrificing time with their families, and their weekends to help those in need. I hope Cameron grows up and knows that there were truly great men standing in that circle to give him a name and a blessing on that day.  They are men that I hope he emulates throughout his life.

Cameron's blessing was beautiful. Between mine and some family members notes here is a summary of his blessing.

Cameron Justin Douglas Palmer
We bless you with the love of our Heavenly Father.  You will be an example to everyone of love, compassion, and a spirit of happiness.  People will see that happiness and the love of Heavenly Father.  You will be a strong example to your brothers and others.  You will know that you are a choice spirit.  You will grow strong.  Your next surgery will be successful.  You will grow strong surrounded by the love of your family and friends.  You will be an example of a person who brings other people closer to our Heavenly Father. 

It truly was a beautiful weekend. 

and one from his blessing day until we get our professional pictures

Monday, July 22, 2013

Leavitt's in the motherland

What a fabulous week our family had 2 weeks ago!!! The majority of the week consisted with family fun, and when I say family fun I mean the majority of my family living in my home laughing and playing together for 10 days.

Trying to get 15 people out the door is very much like herding cats but it was always worth it. Some highlights of the week are going to Les Miserables, we saw a massive bear on a hiking trail in Waterton (I definitely possess the flight survival instinct!), Mom's 50 birthday, the one and only Calgary Stampede, and of course our little mans special weekend, which I'll post on later this week.  (Maybe even tomorrow if I can get my butt in gear ;-)

My Dad and my sister both wrote beautiful posts about the trip.  You really should go look at their pictures!

I love when my family gets to play together.  I feel so grateful that they came.  I love you all!  Enjoy some (not all) of my favorite pictures, documenting some of my most favorite memories made with my family! But make sure you at least see the last picture!!!  

Ben and Sharley arrive with FUN and SUGAR

My Mom's Family Reunion where Dad showed off his football skills!

Canada Day in Rosemary


Ben reverted to the fetal position in front of the hospital he was born in.

We may or may not have broken into my Dad's old house when we found out it was vacant and the door was unlocked.  I have VERY strong memories that live in this house.  My Grandparents lived here and then my Aunt and Uncle.  There was so much still in the house from when my Dad was a child.  My Aunt painted these feet ... the hot pink lady was a new feature.  Even my Dad's old lab (yes he had a lab) was still there, including the table he installed.

Off to Waterton where butterflies loved my mom and Ben could have won survivor


One of my favorite pictures of Ben. 

One of my favorite pictures of Cameron
Justin did everyones dental work who wanted it.  Ben decided to let the assistants work on paying customers so he filled in the job while Justin filled Alycia's cavities.  (yes people Alycia is no longer perfect ;-)
Those who didn't need dental work went to the Stampede parade at the Children's hospital.  
GG arrives!
Mom celebrates the BIG 50!!!!

 So we celebrate her by going to the World Famous Calgary Stampede.

We celebrated this sweet baby, which deserves its own post!



I came down to find Cameron wearing a diaper 4 sizes too big.

who knows....

Justin wanted to double dive, which I clearly didn't want to participate in.  Too bad it resulted in the worst belly flop/face plant I've ever experienced!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Evan turns 6

I can't believe that I am writing this post right now.  My Evan is turning 6 today!  I remember vividly the beginning of his life.  I remember the anxiety and nerves that Justin and I felt as we waited for THAT phone call.  We knew Evan's tummy mummy was in active labor.  We were worried about her and so excited for the arrival of our baby.  I will never forget the early morning phone call announcing the arrival of our baby boy.  Mom and baby were doing well and we were relieved.  The emotions of his placement are still so alive to me that I feel like it was yesterday.  Our life was forever changed 6 years ago today and I will always be in debt to his amazing tummy mummy who chose us to parent her child. She loves Evan so much and we love her!

Evan is one of the most incredible people I've ever known.  He has a humor beyond his 6 years which is constantly surprising me.  Despite Evan's weakened muscles he is an example of strength to me.  The endurance he displays through his individual trials amazes me everyday.  Evan loves me, worships his Daddy, and adores his brothers.

Evan loves and hates the spotlight, depending on his mood and he is always up to playing his video games or Ipad.  Evan doesn't deal well with life when he is tired but is pretty good at reading what his body needs.  He is still very into pirates, but has developed a love of Star Wars and legos.  I learn every day from my handsome man.  I can't wait to see what this year holds, there are a lot of firsts.  He will be starting "real" school and I am pretty sure we are both a little nervous about it.  Deep down I know it will be good for him and I so look forward to all of the things he is going to learn this year and see how he develops and grows.

I thank God everyday for giving me this little boy to love and be with everyday.  He has made me a better person.  Happy Birthday Evan! We love you more than words!!!!!