Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm a cat lady

Im writing this from my phone and I apologize for any mistakes that are in here. My heart is heavy as I try to decide what to write. some people make fun of my love of cats, but I am proud of being a "cat lady". I believe that animals can help us progress. Animals teach us kindness, reaponsibility, loyalty, and love. 19 years ago a beautiful Tabby kitten forever changed my life and gave me all of these things. I'll never forget that summer day 19 years ago when I came home from a vacation with my friend. I walked through the door and saw a fuzzy little tail. Sheba was a spunky and loving fighter of a cat. She lived a life on the canyon fighting coyotes and outlived all of our neighbors cats. Sheba greeted us whenever we came home, came when we called, and slept with us every night. My family has been in canada with us for 10 days and when my dad arrived home sheba came and greeted him as she always did. She stayed with him as he unpacked the van and cuddled with him until he went to bed. That night she died in her sleep. It was a peaceful passing and I know she was waiting for someone to come home so she could say goodbye. Sheba was an incredible animal and she was so loved! I know she was greeted in heaven by our dog Bridgette bounding up to her, so excited that she finally joined her. I picture Sheba rolling her eyes, giving Bridgette a hug and now they are running free and strong together forever as they wait for us to join them. Rest in peace Sheba. We love you!


Peter and Mandy said...

I'm amazed at how long she lived, especially for being an outdoor cat for most of her life. She was well loved and will be missed.

Amy said...

I had a tabby cat just like that named Missy. She outlived all the other cats, even with our coyote problem by our neighborhood. There's something super special about tabby cats.

Sorry for your loss!! Sounds like Sheba had a great family to spend her years with!

Lisa said...

I waited to read your post and Alycia's post about Sheba. Still made me cry. This first week home without her for me has been hard & strange. I still expect her to greet me at the door and in the morning. I still expect her to hop up on me when I sit on the couch, etc. etc. :( Now I truly feel like an empty nester. She was like one of the kids.