Monday, July 22, 2013

Leavitt's in the motherland

What a fabulous week our family had 2 weeks ago!!! The majority of the week consisted with family fun, and when I say family fun I mean the majority of my family living in my home laughing and playing together for 10 days.

Trying to get 15 people out the door is very much like herding cats but it was always worth it. Some highlights of the week are going to Les Miserables, we saw a massive bear on a hiking trail in Waterton (I definitely possess the flight survival instinct!), Mom's 50 birthday, the one and only Calgary Stampede, and of course our little mans special weekend, which I'll post on later this week.  (Maybe even tomorrow if I can get my butt in gear ;-)

My Dad and my sister both wrote beautiful posts about the trip.  You really should go look at their pictures!

I love when my family gets to play together.  I feel so grateful that they came.  I love you all!  Enjoy some (not all) of my favorite pictures, documenting some of my most favorite memories made with my family! But make sure you at least see the last picture!!!  

Ben and Sharley arrive with FUN and SUGAR

My Mom's Family Reunion where Dad showed off his football skills!

Canada Day in Rosemary


Ben reverted to the fetal position in front of the hospital he was born in.

We may or may not have broken into my Dad's old house when we found out it was vacant and the door was unlocked.  I have VERY strong memories that live in this house.  My Grandparents lived here and then my Aunt and Uncle.  There was so much still in the house from when my Dad was a child.  My Aunt painted these feet ... the hot pink lady was a new feature.  Even my Dad's old lab (yes he had a lab) was still there, including the table he installed.

Off to Waterton where butterflies loved my mom and Ben could have won survivor


One of my favorite pictures of Ben. 

One of my favorite pictures of Cameron
Justin did everyones dental work who wanted it.  Ben decided to let the assistants work on paying customers so he filled in the job while Justin filled Alycia's cavities.  (yes people Alycia is no longer perfect ;-)
Those who didn't need dental work went to the Stampede parade at the Children's hospital.  
GG arrives!
Mom celebrates the BIG 50!!!!

 So we celebrate her by going to the World Famous Calgary Stampede.

We celebrated this sweet baby, which deserves its own post!



I came down to find Cameron wearing a diaper 4 sizes too big.

who knows....

Justin wanted to double dive, which I clearly didn't want to participate in.  Too bad it resulted in the worst belly flop/face plant I've ever experienced!!!


motherofangels said...

haha I love it!! I for sure need to go to waterton now! It's on my list, so I am expecting an invitation haha. I love your family! SOOOOOOO FUN! And I would have loved to see that raft Ben built! Amazing!

Peter and Mandy said...

Looks like you all had a great time...though Ben with his hand up a cow I could go without.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! I was smiling through them all. Then I started laughing when I saw Cameron in that diaper again :) Such fun we had!!