Tuesday, June 30, 2009

another update

Wow ... the combination of summer and the move of the office downstairs really has done a number on my ability to get blogs out on a regular basis. I still think about blogging all the time, but I just don't have to opportunity to do so! So until the drab winter comes again I will just have to be patient with myself, and give as frequent updates as I can.

(I know, I know this should be a given ... but lets just say I learned my lesson)


So I asked around to a bunch of parents who have children with SMA to ask about potty training their little ones. I know the techniques of potty training a toddler who can get to the potty by themselves, but had no idea how to potty train an SMA toddler. Everyone that I talked to said that you do it the same way, it just takes longer because they have to learn to recognize the feeling early enough to be able to ask you to take them to the potty. I decided that since it took longer and I am taking him regardless I would just start now. Well my pride and joy is totally getting the hang of it! He isn't even 2 years old yet and he already asks me to take him 50% of the time, and he always goes when I put him on his big boy potty! I am more than proud of Evan! Good job Bud!!!!

Daddy had to work so it was just Evan and I that got to go camping with my cousin Kari and her husband Barrett. It was really fun! Evan totally became addicted to biking! We got borrowed my friends bike and got a bike seat for it. I really think that now I need a bike, because he is still asking me everyday to go :-)

He was holding on to Mack's leash, but wanted to suck his thumb ... he decided this was easier

trying his first roasted marshmallow ... p.s. it is 9:30pm (do you see how light it is outside??)

On our way home we stopped at Frank Slide ... it is really creepy to see all the rock and think about the tragedy of this rock slide.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I updated my blog

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Butt-load of pictures ... beware, it's long

Waiting to board the plane in Calgary. They were serving complimentary beverages while we waited to get on the plane.

Evan and I got this yummy cookie ... and it was YUMMY. We also got a lot of other gifts for being on the flight.

The whole crew waved goodbye to us when the plane pulled out

Evan did so well on the plane, and the man who sat next to us just loved him! Our friend is the public representative for West Jet and was doing all the media appearances, and handing out gifts. It was fun to talk to him!

The tradition is to have fire trucks on each side of the plane spray the plane down when an inaugural flight lands at its destination.

This is the face that met us at the end of the terminal
(I don't know why everything is underlined now)


This is our friend on the news officially opening the direct flight from Calgary to San Diego! They had REALLY yummy food for us to take before we left the airport.

My first night home I had the treat of seeing my Aunt Barb and cousin Ruth. They are moving from Florida to Washington and the timing worked out that I was able to see them again. It was great for me. I was really lucky to see them often when we lived in Florida, so it was great to catch up.

Evan could not get enough of the animals at home! (Especially Blue the cat. He still asks for her!) I would often find him lying on Bridget or playing with her mole. I am so happy that she is a natural mother and just takes it!

me during my tribute!

One of the main reasons for this trip. This is me and Mr. Torns during his reception.

Some of the special friends that I got to see again. Meggie and Jasmin

Evan and I took Bridget on a walk ... this is how we walked home. I tried to put Bridget in the stroller and carry Evan, but she didn't want to do that.

my lovely flowers from my lovely husband! He sent them to me for our 6 year anniversary that we celebrated away from each other ... again.


1)Me and Steve
2)Me and Erin
3)Me and my second set of parents (Bob and Roberta)
4)Me and Mandy


Sticky Evan

Another version of sticky Evan

Here is our baby lookin' too cute in our neighbors hot tub!


My Sisters!

Uncle Ben

look how proud Alex is! He looks just as proud as we are of his accomplishments

The whole clan (minus Sarah)

Evan and I with the graduate

do I even have to explain why I put this picture in this post?

Two more friends I was lucky enough to see. Jeff McConnell and Christy McConnell-Farnsworth. Oh I feel so lucky I got to see them!

the entrance into Grad Night

Evan hanging out with his "Bampa" I think Grandpa Leavitt was Evan's all-time favorite person on the whole trip (other than Blue).


If you haven't played Quelf ... you need to! Good job Kelley! (if only I could have taken a picture of Becka snorting ... priceless!)

yeah we are Giants

this is for you Dad
Finally I am back home and back to projects around the house. This is the new futon we got from Grandma ... thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!