Thursday, June 4, 2009

San Diego trip

Well, I am unable to load pictures while I am at my parents house, but I figured I have a computer so I might as well give updates on how things are going.

Our flight here was AWESOME!!! Really I can't believe I am saying that ... I actually HATE flying. I think I have mentioned the details of that before. This was the inagural flight for WestJet to San Diego. They had so many free gifts for us. Evan and I were even lucky enough to sit next to the media spokesperson for West Jet. He loved Evan and we really had a good time talking with him. The best part of the experience was what met us at the terminal .... PENGUINS!!! It was awesome!

The next day was the main reason for this trip. My highschool director, Mr. Torns, retired after 35 years of teaching. The schools top groups performed their year end concert and after those performances (in which Mr. Torns got a standing ovation) there were 5 alumni from the 4 schools that he taught at gave tributes to him. I was the Mt. Carmel (his current school) representative. I spent a while working on the tribute for him because I wanted it to be special. I got emotional in the middle, but I kept myself together. Following my tribute we surprised him by introducing his son, who flew out from Louisiana. He got very emotional at that point. When everything was said and done the alumni were invited on stage to take a picture with Mr. Torns and then there was a reception held outside on the patio. Mr. Torns changed the course of my life with his musical influence. I love him, and owe him so much. It was such a special evening to be at, and even cooler because of how many people I got to see again.

Wednesday was a pretty relaxing day spent shopping with my mom. Who doesn't love that?

I am having a wonderful time in San Diego. I love being home.


The Hall Family said...

I cant wait to see pics! I bet you're having soooo much fun- love san diego! i love these blogs- i'm better updated on my HS girls than I am on my old college roomates! Love you! give your parents a hug and tell alycia congrats on her engagement!

Christy said...

You are travelling way too much... We need to get together when you get back! Hope you're having fun though.

motherofangels said...

Seriously miss you! I keep looking at my avacado seed (plant) on my table and think of you. I am so done hybernating!! We need to get out and explore this calgary region when you get back!! I leave 5 days after you get home... so call me when your back PLEASE!!!

Carla said...

Glad your flight went well...Have a great trip!

Fred ... said...

And it is so wonderful to have you here.

Lisa L said...

You better add your pictures when you get home. I want to see Evan with the penguins and a picture of you at the concert (even though I was there)