Thursday, June 18, 2009

The only other major highlight of the end of my San Diego vacation was getting to watch my brother Alex graduate from High School. I was so proud to watch him walk across that field and across that stage dressed in the ceremony regalia. I do think that we were the loudest family there and it was so great to see just how much Alex enjoyed our enthusiasm for him. He kept looking up at us with the biggest smile on his face. That is one of the greatest things there is about being a part of a large family. There is always a huge support group for you and we will let the world know we love you! Alex kept screaming "Uncle Akek!!!" and really did well through the ceremony.

After it was over we were able to go down to the field to give hugs to everyone. It was so much fun to see just how proud Alex was to have graduated. It was also great for me to catch up a bit with some old friends. Christy and Jeff McConnell were there! It has been YEARS since I have seen Christy and a pretty long time since I have seen Jeff. It was just so great for me.

Later that night I met Peter and his girlfriend Maren and was able to enjoy a wonderful talk with them! Thank you for coming over guys!

That night at midnight I drove to the high school and worked the 12-3 shift at Alex's grad night. My mom was the head honcho for the night and roped me into working. It was a BLAST! The kids were so happy on their special day and I loved being able to help make their night special. It really was just too much fun! (Alex even serenaded mom and I in the karaoke station :-)

After 2.5 hours of sleep I woke up, packed my bags, visited with my family and drove to the airport to catch my flight. I probably would have fallen asleep on the plane when Evan did, but there was REALLY cold air blowing where I was sitting and there was no way I could fall asleep.

I arrived in Calgary, Justin drove me home and I immediately jumped in the car and drove with Kathy to the Relief Society retreat in Glenwood. I might be crazy, but it was well worth it. The evening was filled with games, talking and laughing. The next day was filled with a lovely walk in the country, amazing food, and more bonding with my sisters in the gospel. Thank you Kathy for waiting to go until I got home, and making that drive with me ... hope you are having fun in Utah!


So that is it! It is finished! I will add pictures of everything hopefully today.
It is wonderful to be on vacation, but it really is good to be home with my husband!


The Hall Family said...

You are crazy, but it doesn't surprise me! You're a go getter!! Your family is so, so, so great! Sounds like you had a great time :) I found out there's an Islands about 20 minutes from me... uh oh!!!

Fred ... said...

Large families really are great aren't they? I miss you already but I'm looking forward to August.

Lisa L said...

I want to see your pictures. It was fun but when I'm in charge I don't really get to enjoy anybody's visit like I would like to until grad nite is over. So as nice as it was it wasn't the best for me because I really couldn't focus and was a little stressed. I am looking forward to August where it will be more calm and I can enjoy the visit more :) It was fun to see how excited Alex was. For someone who was showing little enthusiasm before he sure made up for it the day of!!

Christy said...

I was so happy that you were able to come to the retreat! So fun! Glad you had a good trip, but it's good to have you home now.