Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Crazy Boys

 We got the boys these yeti hats when Justin and I went to Banff.  They love them and run around the house "roaring" at everyone.  Today there was a pretty major snow storm in Calgary and the snow monsters officially stepped out into public!
 During church I got called out by Landon's nursery leader.  He had pooped his pants pretty badly.  This is how he left church.  That should give you a good indication of how badly he blew out.

Some Landon-isms: "soom"= spoon
                                " firate"= pirate
                                " nigh nout"= time out (he is constantly putting his toys in time out for "two                           minutes!"  I wonder where he got that from??)
We made our neighbor/friend gifts for Christmas this year.  Landon is "ho ho ho-ing" like Santa.  

Justin took Evan to the hockey game and so I took Landon to an indoor play yard.  He loves that place and we really only get to go when Evan isn't with us because it is really difficult to haul him through all of the tunnels and ropes courses etc. Landon made a friend and boy did he run around.  I was totally out of breath trying to keep up with them.  He is such a little energizer bunny!!!

 Here is a picture Justin texted me of Evan at the hockey game.  He LOVES LOVES LOVES going to hockey games and guess what he was cheering to encourage his team???

(gotta love it!)


theunseasonedbaker said...

Those boys are so cute! We miss them!


Lisa said...

I loved how Justin said he kept saying "Tim Tebow is winning!" Cute pictures!

Peter and Mandy said...

Yikes that must've been a pretty good blow out.

Looks like both boys enjoyed their date out without the other one in tow. What great fun!

Fred ... said...

What's up with that "Flames" hand? At least Tim Tebow used to wear the right colors.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha this post is probably one of my favorites. I just love how grown up they look, and how much fun they have :) haha