Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis the Season

I have explained this before but Evan's immune system pretty much sucks, which means that every fall/winter we are on constant edge about his health.  His first winter after being diagnosed Evan was sick every other month for about a month and a half (September-May).  He was on antibiotics each time because he just wasn't able to shake it by himself.  It was then that I became a mother on a mission.  How do I keep my child healthy without taking away the fun that life is supposed to be.  I am not going to limit his life but I want Evan to stay healthy ... how.  We are now well into our 3rd cold season since then and I have learned and tried a lot of things, and been able to narrow down to what really works.

Besides all of the things I do to keep Evan healthy (the list is really long).  One of the other biggies is that I stay healthy.  If I can keep myself healthy it is way more likely that I won't pass anything on to my kiddos.  Last week I was feeling a cold wanting to come on and I had my period.  Check out the pile of pills that I take on a week like that!!!

So far this season Evan has been sick once and it was pretty minor and short lived, which in and of itself is a huge miracle!  This house is the reason he was able to shake it so quickly.  I am so grateful for this house!


Remember the demise of my ornaments?  Well some asked if they were at all salvageable.  One of them was somewhat saved .... this would be the outcome of the rest.


Lynn said...

What demise? Did I miss something? What happened?

Lisa said...

I asked if any could be saved and glued.

Peter and Mandy said...

I suppose you could glue them, but that would take a bit of luck and a lot of patience.