Tuesday, September 14, 2010

August Fun- Brandon and Waterton

It is about this time in our summer that our camera broke. I still had the big camera, but haven't been able to get the pictures off of it yet. I got home from San Diego and picked up my brother from the airport the next day. He spent the week with us while Justin worked on his teeth.

I have to give a special shout out to Brandon because for some unexplainable reason he doesn't appear too much in my blog or the pictures I take. I really don't know why! It was so much fun to have him here for some one on one time and I have to say that he is a really easy house guest. He was cool to do whatever I needed or wanted to do, whether it was doing chores or fun stuff around Calgary. I enjoyed sharing our music choices and just talking. My favorite is to listen to him talk about his wife. When Brandon talks about Serene it is impossible to feel just how much he loves her. It is inspiring to me to see how much he loves and respects her. Unfortunately for you Brandon there will still be no pictures posted even though we did take that ONE picture, but know that I have your curly hair, lovely smile and awesome Fedora engraved in my mind forever :-) Thanks for coming Brandon!!!!

Following Brandon's trip we packed up the family and headed back down to Waterton for another week. It was a very relaxing week, which isn't normal for us, but was very nice. We went on a 13 mile hike with the boys on our backs. (Yes, you did read that correctly!!!) It was beautiful but we were ill prepared for the weather on the top of the mountain. We were all frozen and our poor boys were not pleased with us at all. We had to run down below the tree line and spend some time with our frozen babies against our chests inside our coats. Lanny and Mark came on this adventure with us and I do have to say that it was sooo much fun to have them there.

Once "Ranny Ranny" and "Grandpa Mawk" left to go back to work the Law's joined us. I love having another picture lover to hang out with. I know Lindsay got some great shots and I can't wait to see them. My favorite part was watching Landon and Isaac play together.

We didn't plan any of the trip like this, but as soon as the Laws left the Cartiers arrived. It was fun to get to know them a little bit better too. Towards the end of the trip the Bultsma family made an appearance (it was a great surprise for me) and then we packed up the van, had one night alone in the cabin and left for home.

Filled with sick kids and a night with no sleep (and throw up), lots of kids, eating wild berries, ice Cream and fresh bread everyday, hiking and wild animals, swimming everyday, bike riding, friends and family ... it was a week to remember!


Lisa said...

Sounds wonderful!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

That is SO true about Brandon when he talks about Serene :)
Wish I could come up for a week all by myself and hang out with you guys!

Fred ... said...

Was that the Alderson hike? That is my favorite hike ever. I want to go.