Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My 10 Year Reunion

Am I really this old????

I must be since I just had a BLAST at my 10 year reunion last week! I flew into San Diego, dropped my kiddos off at my parents, and operation Mom's weekend off began!

I have talked before about how amazing my group of friends were in high school. We were as diverse as they come, and we loved each other immensely. They loved me for who I was and they love me for who I am! We decided that we would make a girls weekend of the reunion.

Here is a brief re-cap of the days events:

1) meet at Lori's house for our "traditional" breakfast of Swedish pancakes that her daddy always made for us. (be sure to bring kiddos to show off how cute they are)

2) get pampered at the nail salon, despite bubbly polish (sorry Tess). Make sure we put on our seat belts carefully afterwards.

3) drive to Nordstrom and meet at really yummy cafe for lunch.

4) get make-up professionally done. Be sure to run around to as many people as possible and take pictures. If you end up waiting for people look at/buy shoes.

(no I didn't get these AMAZING shoes, but Liz and Erin did!)

5) Check into the hotel rooms. Cut bangs, avoid exploding drinks, do hair, and get dressed. Realize that unintentionally everyone has an outfit twin.

6) Arrive at 10 year reunion and take some awkward, BUT really fun pictures. Claim table. Start socializing. Start eating the appetizers.

7) Eat, continue socializing, come in 2nd place for some of the awards (at least thats how I am calling it) and take some great friend pictures.
(how didn't I get one of me and Lori or Courtney Jen??)

8)Dance the night away and get some great shots that are soooo post worthy!

9) Group picture ... continue dancing. Can I just say that "Tootsie Roll" ROCKS and had everyone rocking the dance floor. (it time warped me back 10 years :-)
(I graduated in a class of about 900, the numbers were a bit smaller this time around, and no ... Adam did not come)

10)Walk back to the hotel room. Hop into bed with friends and start chowing down on peanut butter cups and bundt cake, since we were too busy dancing to realize that we missed dessert.

11)Wake up at 10AM. Did you hear me??? I GOT TO SLEEP IN UNTIL 10 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Realize that I was so excited for the previous day that I forgot to pack appropriate morning shoes.

12) Lounge in the sun while eating breakfast with girls. Meet a guy who went to Mt. Carmel and knew Tessa (she didn't know him). Check out, drive home to my babies.

-It is fun to wear cheesy jewelry to your reunion.
-The mean girls haven't really changed. They are still stuck up and they just look really hungry!
-Apparently Lori is a really good therapist, and Tessa was "cute" in high school, but is hot now.
-People really liked my hair (I got compliments on it ALL night long), and I was really concerned about my hair.
-I guess it isn't normal to have such a good relationship with your high school group. There were two (Ari and Claudia) who couldn't come, and we have lost touch with Hannah.
-I have really good friends. (that includes you Mandy :-)

I can't believe it has been 10 years


Erin said...

Kira! What a great post :) and you have some awesome pictures...you better email those out!

It was so great seeing you and I do think the best part of the whole thing was getting to spend the weekend with the cBc girls ;)

motherofangels said...

Fun post! Miss you :)

Lisa said...

Darling post!! I loved all the pictures but especially the two at the end "then and now." What a great group of girls :) You'll always be "girls" to me. Love you!

Ang said...

You looked AMAZING (as usual)
So glad you are having such a great summer! :)

Peter and Mandy said...

It sure was a fun night

lori lester said...

I can't believe I am just seeing this now...(I have been roadtripping to wedding plan)...I LOVE it!!!