Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SMA camp at Sylvan Lake

SMA camp 2010
Oh what an amazing experience!! Every summer a group of families, who have children with SMA, get together and camp. There are families from British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. It is a wonderful time to be with other families who live the same life you do. It is a wonderful time for our children to be around other people like them, reaffirming that they are perfect the way God made them.

It was such a beautiful thing to see Evan interact with these other kids. I was so impressed by the siblings of these kids. They have grown up around SMA and they know how to play and take care of the SMA kiddos. It was wonderful (and helpful) to have a 12 yr. old see that Evan needed something and to watch him help Evan, the way, when, and how Evan needed help.

I loved seeing how everyone there was in love with Landon and the other baby there. It was cute to watch the older kids strap Landon into their wheel chair and drive him around.

I more than loved having the opportunity to be with other parents who live the same life I do. They understand first hand what it means to have a child with SMA. I didn't realize just how comfortable I was until everyone packed up to leave ... and then I started to cry. It was really nice to learn things from them and to get ideas that I wouldn't get from a doctor. It was wonderful to be understood like that, without having to explain anything.

The Calgary people stayed an extra day and a half at the camp site and that is when Justin joined us (he had to work during the week). It was lovely to have the opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level and to spend that one on one time with the families we live near in Calgary.

Enjoy the pictures of the week!!! Love you all!!!

me driving the obstacle course. I got 3rd place of 6 for the "Mom" category (and I'm the newbie!!) Evan got 3rd place for Junior Boys. I wish you could have seen his face ... he was so proud to be able to do the obstacle course by himself and SOOOO PROUD of his award that he got. He literally looked like he had won an Oscar when they called his name to give him his certificate!!!

fun at the Lake

my Goofy Boy showing off his necklace that he made. They had an arts and crafts project everyday!!!

I was VERY surprised how well my boys slept in a tent. It wasn't as dark as usual, there were people talking everywhere outside, and we were all together and they slept really well!!
Gotta love that fresh air!!

Everyday the kids did a scavenger hunt and got prizes. Evan was nervous to leave me at first, but then I told him it was like a treasure hunt. He was fine after that and loved coming back to show me his treasures!

Everyone loved Landon ... how could you not .... really .... look at him!!!!

the lantern parade was one of my favorites!!! Look at how happy Evan is!

Ishan and Landon

just the Calgary kids. Only 1 family from Calgary couldn't make it!

Evan is closing his eyes while he throws his bean bag in!

"firing marshmallows" as Evan says it!

Evan wanted to try and carry his brother like the big kids, but he has a lot less of a lap!

The week was SO MUCH FUN!!!!


Maren Romney Leavitt said...

I'm so glad Evan had the week you were hoping for! Looks like a great time and good people.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful experience for all of you. I wish you had posted a picture of Evan with his award for third place. Tell him Grandma is proud of him :) I love the pictures of Landon strapped in getting rides ha!ha! I bet Evan LOVED that!!

Peter and Mandy said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Loved hearing how the siblings learn how and when to help and one was able to help Evan.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

great pictures and looks like such a blast for the kids!
I love how they could strap Landon in :) haha FUN

Fred ... said...

What a great idea it is for all of you to get together. It looks like everyone had a really fun week.