Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Old Town

I LOVED that my boys got to have some one on one time with my parents and my sister Sarah. There weren't that many people in the house, so they got a lot of attention and I think it was really good for them.

I cannot even BEGIN to describe just how much Landon loves my mom!!!! I am pretty sure he loves her more than he loves me.
I love our family

Mom and I took the boys to Old Town. I haven't been able to just walk around Old Town for a while. It was a beautiful day filled with my Southern California/Mexican beauty that I grew up with!


Lisa said...

Landon did love me best while you were here :) It was fun to have the boys one on one.

Claudia said...

Kira, when I see pictures of your boys, I feel like they were your boys in Heaven as well. They are such a part of your whole being. I love it! I love what a happy mother you are!

Peter and Mandy said...

Your mom has a magic touch...and she shared a giant drink with Landon.