Thursday, August 19, 2010


NO JOKE!!! I actually did!!! Now for a Hollywood sleeze slut like me that is a BIG deal! I have never been that close to anyone famous before, and I LOVED IT!
I know, I know ... they are just people, but it was still really cool!

Really I can chalk this whole night up to the fact that I am married to an amazing man! I knew we were going out to dinner with Justin's mom to celebrate her birthday tomorrow (Happy Birthday Lanny). My brother is in town right now so I was feeling bad about leaving him alone for the night, but this birthday dinner was planned before we knew he was coming and he said he understood.

Justin came home from work and told me that I needed to dress up for the "surprise" following dinner. Justin knows that I love surprises and wouldn't tell me anything.

After dinner we drive to the Saddledome and neither of us girls knew anything. I was SO EXCITED when I figured it out! I LOVE Michael Buble!!!

We were sitting on the floor, really close to the front and on the isle! Michael walked by and he held my hand, so what if it was only for a second.

At the end of the concert Lanny and I ran up to the front and were REALLY close as he closed the show, better than any ending I have ever seen. I even randomly ran into one of my friends at the front and we got to ooh and aah together.

All I have to say is that Michael Buble is an INCREDIBLE performer! He is gracious and kind. He is as funny as a stand up comedian and I am still so giddy I can't even think straight!
I hope this post even makes sense ... I will find out for myself when I read it back in the morning :-)

Seriously on par with the best performances I have ever been to!


Lisa said...

Lucky!!! I'm so jealous. He's coming to San Diego but I can't go :( Maybe some day. I'm soooo happy you got to go and I can experience it vicariously through you :) What a fun surprise from Justin! I wish Dad enjoyed concerts like Justin.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaay! Your pictures are AMAZING - I'll probably keep coming to look at your blog everytime I want to remember the night! So fun and I'm glad we ran into you!!

Fred ... said...

Who is Michael Buble?

Lisa said...

See Dad's comment? Exactly my point!

Peter and Mandy said...

Well there was that one time that we were in LA and got a backlot tour at Universal Studios and you tripped/walked into one of the doctors from ER, or one of those medical shows.

Grandpa said...

Have you washed your hand yet !!

Sarah said...