Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am thankful I am Canerican


I realized today that I am very grateful to be a Canerican! I feel very cleaver that I came up with this title today. I was born Canadian and I also have my American citizenship. It has been a major blessing to be able to have both cultures in my life, and it has definitely made this move a lot easier as well. I just felt like sharing that information.
Today was a wonderfully "Palmer" day! Fun, fun, fun!!! We started off the day with a brunch at Irene and Walmir's house. Joe and Lacy came over to eat the sausage rolls that is the Da Costa family tradition. Irene's family came up last night and it has been great to be with them again. They come and visit a lot, so we have really grown to love them. I am grateful to be able to see them this visit.
Following a heavenly brunch I loaded a VERY tired baby boy into the Lowry van and we drove to Orlando to have a Thanksgiving celebration with our adopted family! The Lowry's are our other family. They took care of us when we lived here, and treated us as their own children! We LOVE them as our own family and are thankful for everyone of them!
The weather was finally warm and we went outside with the kids. Then we went inside and at some of the best food ever! I am very proud of myself because I am stuffed, but I never did get sick! Yeah ... I finally learned to show some sense of control on Thanksgiving!

Gladys had her 4th baby the day I arrived in Florida, which makes him one week old now. Justin and I think it is funny because for every baby Gladys has (minus her first) we have been there when she has them, not pre-planned either! Blaine Michael Waters is beautiful and I am grateful for the chance to get to hold him. Newborn time is wonderful!

The kids had a blast jumping on the bed. We decided to take pictures of them all, and it was seriously the CUTEST thing having all of them yell "cheese" at the top of their lungs! I am so grateful that I am a mom!

This is the Lowry family! Our pseudo family!

Me and Gladys, and Sandra and I. Gladys is the new mama and I love her like my own sister! Sandra is Walmir's sister and I got to know her pretty well in the last year that we lived in Gainesville. I lover her and her little family a ton also! It has been great to see everyone today! Thank you to everyone for loving us and accepting us into your families and lives. We love you!


Christy said...

Looks like you're having a great trip!
I saw your hubby last night at the Mason's. Erik was totally quizzing him for his test... They were NOT playing video games!
: )
You missed a fun craft night though... We'll have to do a catch up craft when you get back!
Have fun!
p.s. I'm just commenting on your blog now, because I am just figuring out how... YAY for me!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

That is right, we were NOT playing Xbox and we were not having a lot of fun. Studying the whole night!

Lynn said...

Good times! Food and Friends. What can be better than that?

I have to chuckle at the photo with all the kids on the bed saying cheese. You mentioned that they had been jumping on the bed.....

Is that what happened to the lamp shade? Hee Hee

Rachel said...

I can see why you miss Florida now. It seems like there are a lot of people you love there. I love your new title. It's perfect!

LHarding said...

Hey Kira! Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you have been having a blast in Florida. Maybe we'll be able to stop by and say hi before you leave. Enjoy the Sunshine State. Talk to you later!!

The Hall Family said...

How fun! Looks like you're having a great time:)

Lisa L said...

Sounds like you are having a great time!!

Teresa said...

Awesome word "Canerican." I have always wondered what the heck I was being born in Canada and then being a naturalized American. Thanks so much for ending my identity crisis! It has been so much fun tracking your little adventure in Florida. Please know that your little Family is in our prayers as you help our little Evan :).

Teresa said...

I meant to say "Your" Evan and not "Our" Evan. Sorry, left off the "Y." :)