Sunday, November 23, 2008

the last two days!

Lacy and I made awesome peanut butter kiss cookies!
Lacy made her AMAZING brownies!  
Everyone is starting to feel better! 
We got to see all of my girls at church today!
We got to hang out with Evan's "tummy mommy" today!  
We watched P.S. I Love You


Lynn said...


And drool!......

Recipes please! : D

motherofangels said...

Your such a good person for including Evan's "tummy mummy" in his life! Sorry I wasn't home when you called! Things are busy! Miss you

Lisa L said...

Sounds fun! I wondered if you would see Anna while you were there. Glad everyone is starting to feel better. I'm making some new cookies today or tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I loved that movie. Didn't we see that last Christmas when you were here and all the girls went including Grandma?

The Boring Family said...

Glad you're having so much fun! I wish I were in FL right now! It's getting cold in Colorado! Enjoy your trip!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

yes we did see it with everyone ... oh man I LOVE that movie!