Sunday, February 24, 2008

Laughs and Another race

On Friday Justin and I went to see the Seinfeld stand up comedy show.  We have never laughed so hard in my life.  There was a moment that I almost peed my pants because I was laughing so hard.  This is not a figure of speech, but a literal description!  Our seats were excellent and it was a very sereal experience to see Jerry Seinfeld, our little TV friend, in person.  Every skit was awesome, but my favorite quote of the whole night was . . . "having children is like owning a blender with no lid.  It works, but it sure does leave a mess."  This is something that the Palmer household is becoming very familiar with now that Evan is mobile.  We had an amazing night.  Jerry Seinfeld is one of the funniest people ever. 
Then today, we both ran that Gainesville half marathon with our friends.  Our first race was a month ago at Disney and that was an incredible experience.  It was so emotional and exillerating. At first we thought that running a race in the town we live in would be boring compared to the Disney race, but we were wrong.  For obvious reasons it doesn't compare to the Disney, but it was equally interesting and equally fun.  One VERY long stretch of road was all hills and ended with a VERY steep uphill climb.  (Remember that this is probably the only street with hills in the whole city . . . maybe the whole of Florida).  Both of us did a very good job, and I even beat my time from the Disney race.  I came in at 2hrs 2min and Justin came in at 2hrs 3min.  We all had a really great time and we have officially become a running family.  It is extremely addicting.  
We love you all hope you are doing well.  

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shellygirl said...

How fun to go see one of the best comedians ever! We're huge fans, so of course we're very jealous.

Ryan found your blog (don't ask me how) and then showed it to me. Yea! I love it.