Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Man do I love summer

July 15, 2009

12:00AM We went to the first showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We went with Karalee, Jaimie and her boyfriend Ryan. While we waited in the really long line outside we played "guess the flavor" with Bertie Botts every flavored bean. Honestly this is one of the best games to play, but horrible to participate in. There definitely times that I was ready to throw up!! I felt the worst for Jaimie, she got all the bad ones!!

5:00PM We celebrated Evans 2nd birthday with a party at the Lake. Honestly, it was sooo much fun! We had so many friends and family show up and that just made everything so enjoyable. Of course Evan had to act his age and prove that "it's his party and he can cry if he wants to", but as soon as the cake and presents came out he was happy (fancy that). We did a joint party with his cousin Austin who was in town visiting. Each boys got their own cupcake and their very own birthday song.

This birthday was so much fun for me because it is the first one that Evan actually comprehended. He knew that it was his birthday, he knew that everyone was singing to him, and he knew the presents were for him. It was so cute, because he got really excited while opening his presents and even cheered when he saw what was in them. Thank you everyone for loving him so much. He really LOVES everything he got, and asks to play with his new toys.

Birthday boys!!!

Evan and his stash!
July 16-17, 2009
FINALLY THE WEATHER WARMED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I am excited about this?? Seriously it took long enough to hit the 80's and 90's! Thankfully I have made some sun-worshipping friends (I thought I was the only one up here) and we planted our butts in the same spot two days in a row, while our kids played in the sand and water. My skin was so happy!

I was so sad that I didn't remember I had my camera until after our friend Rachel had already left with her kids, and Christy was packing ... oh well. Next time! :-)

Evan loves the water no matter how frigid (I don't get it). His favorite is when I have to wash him off and put his whole body in the freezing lake ... he laughs hysterically! Actually I do have to say that the second day was even warm enough that I braved the freezing water enough to dip my body in! (applause please!) :-)

He insisted on wearing his birthday hat for the majority of the day :-)


Butts planted in the same spot!

Evan just thinks the lake is too much fun!

while I was being brave ... my friend Becka snapped some pics (now I can prove I did it!)

July 18, 2009
We decided to go and do something that was new for our family. We went to a place that is called heritage park and learned about the pioneers of Calgary and the history behind the city. Our family really enjoyed it and Evans favorite part was riding the real train, the "aminals" and the rides! What a great relaxing day. We all came home and took a nap before our mini road trip to "Thunder in the Valley".

When we woke up we drove to the mountains with our friends to watch a fireworks show. Because it was in the mountains the sound just echoed everywhere. There were tons of people and the show was entertaining. The fireworks scared Evan and he promptly fell asleep. (poor guy!) Thanks Kathy and Leslie for coming with us!

Heritage Park

Thunder in the valley

I love this picture of Kyla and the cotton candy!

whoo ... what a day!


Lynn said...

HAPPY Birthday again Evan!

My parents and my grandma Boehme were just up here yesterday to see Heritage Park. Apparently there has been a HUGE amount of changes and renovations since we were there last. Cool!

Debbi said...

SUmmer rocks.

Peter and Mandy said...

Love the pictures...typical guy with his rear showing is cute.

Ang said...

I am with you - I just love summer! Too bad I have to work, especially on days like today! Hope you guys are doing well! Hopefully I'll run into you sometime soon!

Linz said...

You guys definitely keep busy! Isn't that funny with kids and their water? Riley is the same way. We spent many hours at the beach at Sewanee this summer! And great news about the chair!!

Sarah said...

Evan is so HANDSOME! Happy Birthday, Evan! I love Heritage Park. The Laycocks used to take me there every summer.