Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 3

I planned on putting all the Disney pictures into one post, but then I just couldn't narrow them down and I picked too many pictures for just day one. So the result, you are bombarded with my Mama pride!!

There were so many moments and I smile just thinking about our experience. Disney knows how to turn something that is so hard (SMA) into something so special!

We prepped Evan for our Disney trip and I think he was excited. This is him on the tram over to Magic Kingdom

This is the first time Evan saw Mickey Mouse. He kept screaming "Mickey, Mickey, it's Mickey Mouse!!!!!" His face says it all.
these pictures NEVER get old!!
check out the SIZE of this SNOT BUBBLE!!!
Buzz Lightyear was the first ride we went on at Disney. Evan was awestruck, Landon was nervous the first 3 times, but loved it the last 2 times we rode it. (yes 5 times) The first 3 times we rode it our family was all in one car, but the last two Evan got to ride in their wheel chair car, the pictures speak a thousand words. Evan thought he had died and gone to Heaven!

The heat and the humidity totally knocked out Landon! I think it was a shock to his little Canadian body :-)

The only Florida rain happened while we were in "It's a small world" (poor Irene who got caught in it with all of our stuff!) By the time we were out it was just raining (there is a difference between the two types of rain). We hustled our wet little buns over to the haunted mansion and by the time we were out it was sunny! Evan loved the ghosts and was VERY confused at the end. He kept looking at the ghost in the mirror who was riding with us and then looking next to him. Evan could not figure out how he could see it in the mirror and not sitting next to him.
too funny

sleeping again!
sweet baby Isaac
my little prince
I think it is funny that of our whole group only the Palmers and Millie got the memo to pose for the picture!!
Evan loved finding Captain Jack Sparrow on Pirates
look at Evan's face
During the night parade Mickey pointed right to Evan and waved. THis time Evan was screaming "Hi Mickey, Hi Hi, Hi Mickey!!!"

How can you not love this boy????

11:00 at night and this boy is still ready to party!!!


Fred ... said...

Looks like a long, fun day. I'll bet everyone slept like a log that night.

Lisa said...

I LOVE his face in these pictures! So darn cute!!!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like such a fun day! Love all your matching t-shirts :)

Lisa said...

P.S. Alycia's comment made me think of your matching shorts I made for all of you when we went to Disneyland the first time. Do you remember?

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I do remember :-)

Peter and Mandy said...

So fun. I love that Toy Story ride. We have one at CA Adventure and we love going on it right when the park opens and then as many times as we can until the line gets too long.

Teresa said...

I love your sweet pics. Disney is so magical. Happy anniversary as well!!How time flies!

Sarah said...

I'm very jealous. Looks like a fun trip! Love the matching shirts.

Heidi said...

Holy freak! What an awesome vacation! You guys are such a fun family. I have to add that I like Justin's nonbearded/go-teed self :-). I was looking at old pictures with Lily last week that included your wedding pics and I had to admit that I think Justin is much handsomer without facial hair. And today I come to your blog and wa-lah, no facial hair.