Sunday, November 21, 2010


I learn so much from my children. I wanted to share some things that Evan has said that teach me to think more positively about things in my life.

Remember when we went to SMA camp in August? Well when we came back and went to church on Sunday Evan was talking to our Bishop. I was coaxing Evan along in the conversation. This is what happened next.

Me: "Evan tell Bishop Blaszczyk what everyone at camp had." (I am thinking that he will say they all had SMA, or they all had wheelchairs)

Then last week the Muscular Dystrophy camp came up in conversation. I decided to try it again and again coaxed him into the conversation. I said

Me: "Evan, do you remember when we went to the Muscular Dystrophy Camp in Edmonton? "
Evan: "OH YA!!! Everyone had marmayos (marshmallows) and we all did the obstacle course!!!!"

This little boy of mine is so positive about his life. He has so many obstacles that he has to deal with both physically and emotionally. It isn't that Evan is unaware of his condition. He fully comprehends what his limitations are. Evan just doesn't dwell on his disadvantages, he chooses to see the light in his life.

Next time I am feeling down about things in my life I am just going to remember.......


Carla McDaniel said...

I love that!!!! Flashlights. I think we could all remember that when things aren't going so great :)

Lisa said...

I totally love that! He is so special :)

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