Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm such a boob!!!

Summer is over :-(

Justin stayed in Montana with Landon on Labor Day. (more on that later) Evan and I had an Evan/Mama date day. Evan really wanted to go to the Dinosaur Museum so that is what we did. It was such a gorgeous day and ended up being a perfect day as well. We slept in, had a picnic, went through the museum at Evan's pace, signed up to make a fossil and drove home to get to sleep early.

It was a perfect little day for us and a great last day before school started.

Yesterday was a HUGE day for Evan. We had our clinic day at the hospital. That means a really long day for us. It went well and everything is going really well for him. We had some good long talks with the doctors that we needed to have some good long talks with and did some blood work, got new velcro on our braces. After 4 hours at the hospital we were still able to make it to an hour of school.

I can't believe how much Evan has grown!!!! It blows my mind!!!! He is such a little man now. I put him on the bus today and he couldn't have been more excited! I, on the other hand, couldn't have been more conflicted. I am so excited for him. I know school is a good thing for him, BUT ................ I just want to freeze time. I struggle with my kids growing up. Obviously I do want them to grow up, I just really love my little kids. I love my time with them, and I LOVED having them with me all day during the summer.

I cried as the bus drove away with my smiling, happy, wonderful son. I love you Evan. I hope you have a GREAT school year!!!

Evan and Miss. Kyla
now I need to plan an Landon/Mama date.


Peter and Mandy said...

Yeah you are a boob but that's okay :) It's okay to be a boob every now and then.

Fred ... said...

His hair is getting pretty long. He's starting to look like a hippy.

motherofangels said...

Being a boob is being normal! Haha. Time flies too fast though

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this is so cute :) haha He does look like a little man now, crazy how fast they grow!

Lisa said...

Now you are beginning to understand some of the things I used to say or when I would say "you won't understand until you are a Mother."

Spencer and Melissa said...

aw! I totally understand about wanting to freeze time!! They are soo much fun to have when they are little. And it seriously goes by way too fast!! I love Evan's smile! It is a good thing that he loves school so much! =)