Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Jetson's have arrived!

I was watching Oprah yesterday (an older show from this week) and I was blown away!!! The show was on life extension, which in and of itself was mind blowing and then they showed us this!!!
This is a full functioning rat heart that was grown in a labratory! The best part though was that this was just the tip of the iceburgh. Sience has braught us to a time where they can successfully grow almost any organ in a lab using your own cells and transplant them to your body. There was a surgery they talked about where a young woman had cancer in her bladder, so they made her a new bladder using her own cells and transplanted the new organ into her. It eliminates many of the drugs you have to take after a transplant, because it was made using your own cells!

They showed a full functioning artery, heart valve, liver ... they can do it on anything! As if that wasn't enough??? It only takes weeks to grow a new organ!!!

They even had a guy who cut off the top of his finger and with a special powder ... grew a new one! NO JOKE (I totally thought of you Walmir).

This stuff is insane, but I LIKE IT!!!!


Lynn said...

Amazing! It just gives me thrills to think what my kids will be doing and how life will be for them.

Lisa L said...

I read about this in the paper and found it quite interesting.