Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yeah for warm weather???

On Saturday we took advantage of our "warm" weather! It finally hit the 50's and everyone here was loving it! Honestly I have to say that it really does feel warm after what we have been through lately. We got together with Kathy and Kyla, and The Law family and all headed to the zoo! It was really fun!!!!

Many interesting things happened while we were there.
1) We lost Adaline in the gorilla exhibit. (not to worry, we did eventually find her)
2) We watched zoo porn!!!! (the giraffes were mating in a small VERY public space)

My favorite animals of the day were the owl (we were seriously this close to the owl and no fence in between!) The owl had the greatest personality, I held Evan right up to him and at first he was a little nervous, but then he just kept "hooing" at him!. The Tamarins (the cute little white monkeys in the picture) were another favorite. These guys could fit in my hand and they are full grown! My other favorite was the baby gorilla!!!!!!! Wow .... she was sooo cute!

Then my very favorite animals of the day were all the little monkeys that came home with us!!! Could they get cuter?


motherofangels said...

Kyla looks like she is immitating the owl! FYI, her hair is crazy because she likes to pull her cute pigtails out!

Peter and Mandy said...

The monkeys are very cute. Wow a day in the 50's I didn't know it got that warm there in March.

Lisa L said...

Cute pictures! I need to post pictures of our trip to the zoo with Sydney last week. It was in the 80's and Serene got sunburned. Glad you had a nice day before the storm.

becky said...

Zoo porn is the best. It always cracks me up when people can't accept it and freak out about it. Maybe I'm just too accepting of everything. I'll have to go think on that one.

Isn't it amazing how warm the 50's are after all those freezing winter months?