Monday, May 4, 2009

Time out For Women!

First I have to say HUGE congrats to Irene for having her baby!!!  I am not allowed to blog details about it until after she has the chance to do so ... but YEAH DA COSTA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend "Time out For Women".  I had never been before and wasn't planning on going to this one, but my plans changed last minute and the next thing I knew I was driving in a car with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law up to Edmonton.  It was a beautiful experience.  One of my friends had told me that she didn't like TOFW because it was like a Baptist revival camp.  In a lot of ways I think she was right ... but I LOVED it!  Why not jump for joy because I am proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints?  I loved singing and dancing along with the musical artist about how there is nobody else out there like me!  It was a wonderful and very uplifting weekend. 

We stayed with my Grandma which only added to the weekend because I got to see her when I didn't think that I would get to. 

We were challenged many times throughout the day to think of, and share with someone else, one thing that we were absolutely sure of.  The are many things, but the one that I would like to share now is that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Heavenly Father is in complete control of my life.  I know that he has a plan for me, and when it seems like the world is falling apart ... there is a reason for it.  Heavenly Father loves me, and knows what I need.  

Utah: Day 7
Today we had a really early appointment at the Children's Hospital.  Today was the easy day.  We only had to meet with the physical therapist so that she could evaluate Evan's motor abilities.  There are many times that Evan's intelligence surprises me.  Typically with SMA are very smart, and this is true of my baby, but sometimes it catches me off gaurd!  Everytime the therapist asked him to do something that he was physically able to do, he did it.  For a 1.5 year old they would be pretty complicated instructions and he would just do it.  For example:  The therapist would say to him.  "now Evan, I want you to bend your body forward and then roll onto your back" ... and my 1.5 year old would just do it.  She wanted him to try and grab something above his head with both of his arms, this is very hard for him to do, he generally will do this task with just one arm.  All she did was ask him to please try and grab the object with both hands, and he did!  I know these seems small, but I was so impressed with my son!  I was so proud!  

The rest of the day we just hung out as a family, which was pretty much awesome!  
These are pictures for my parents to take from my blog and put on their computer.  A missionary who is serving in their ward had them meet up with his family.  Here you are guys!

I was not in control of the camera for any of these pictures, but I sure do love the results.  This is Alycia trying her hardest to down some of Evan's prune juice.  I am sure glad that Evan doesn't throw as much of a fit as she does when he drinks it.  He thinks it is good ... in fact, so do I! 
Ben and Sharley got here today!  it was so fun to see them!  (and yes, my brothers are weird!)

Can Evan get any cuter???  I think not!


Michelle said...

How fun! I have only been once, and it was so fun (even though it sometimes felt like a giant Deseret Book sales-pitch)!

Evan just keeps getting cuter and cuter! :)

Fred ... said...

I'm glad you were able to stay with Grandma and it sounds like you had quite the time at the "revival". I was also quite impressed with how well Evan responded to the therapist.

Heidi said...

That's so cool you went to TOFW. I've heard of it, but not much about it. I'm so glad you have a great physical therapist too. Sounds like she's(?) working well with Evan and Evan with her. Evan does seem pretty amazing.

Love the pics.

Lisa L said...

Evan did so well at physical therapy that day. Your brothers have big mouths and Ben has a fro again! I love the picture of Evan & Uncle Ben both saying "Cheese" and the last picture is adorable!!!

The Hall Family said...

Kira, I love seeing pictures of Evan's sweet smile- you can't help but giggle! I love it!

Lynn said...

What!!!!!??? You were there?? How the heck did I even miss you? I saw SO many of my family, cousins and friends. I guess with 1,400 women there I was bound to miss a few friends. Sure wish I had known you'd be there. So sad.

It WAS great! Just as always. I've been to quite a few now. I am such a note taker. I can't wait for the couples time out in Calgary next year! Cass and Jon are already signed up for the one in Utah in Sept. It looks awesome! I won't have to pay for the lodging and gas though. Lucky me!