Thursday, May 28, 2009

An update in pictures

Our ward cub car rally happened right before we left for Tennessee. We didn't win, but we had a lot of fun watching!


Dixie Land Stampede

(Evan with some of the trick riders)


These are the front and side view from our porch. I wish the pictures actually showed how stunning it is here.

Boys will be boys


I loved seeing our friends kids. Wow have they grown up!!!!

I have really awesome pictures from this first hike, but they didn't download and I am really anxious to get this post out. I stole this one off of Joe's facebook. The men and their boys, does it get any cuter? (check out Evan's smile ;-)

Is it me or am I lucky that I get along so well with my husbands best friends wives???

I love this picture of Millie and Lacy

Here are the guys that brought us together

They don't call them the Smokey Mountains for nothin! It is so cool to see it in person.


our angel

so Evan really is turning out to be as crazy as his daddy. This water was freezing and he loved playing in it! Especially when daddy was holding him upside down and dipping his head. Check out the smile on his face!

Our last day we cleaned up, checked out and did a Cracker Barrel run (mmmm ... heaven). We ended with a last hurrah at a go cart place. Thanks guys for such a wonderful vacation!

Evan would never actually look at us while he was flying. He was too busy watching the go carts zip past on the other side of the plane ride.


I hope I don't kill it!!!!

He is just too cute, I had to include this picture.

Justin took me to an Il Divo concert!!! They were AMAZING ... I LOVED IT!!!!!
Thank you Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love these videos!!!!! The first is one of Lacy's tasks during our game of Quelf. The second is just our baby being his usual adorable self! Enjoy


Sarah said...

Your pictures look amazing. We spent a day in that area but I don't think it was enough to do it justice. I'll have to talk Devin into going back someday.

CJB said...

Evan is the happiest toddler ever! I absolutely love seeing his amazing smile :)

The Hall Family said...

Great pictures! What a stinking cutie! I'm soooo jealous of II Divo! Awesome! I love the smoky mountains- glad you had so much fun! You guys look so happy- that makes me smile:)

Michelle said...

I loved seeing all these pictures! We miss your fun family. :)

Fred ... said...

I love Evan tied down in the roller coaster. He is ready to go. I'm curious what you're doing with your lips in the one picture?

Amanda Palmer said...

Evan looks soooooo cute in the pictures...especially the one with the dads holding all the boys:) He was cute yesterday here at the house as well!!

Lisa L said...

Fun pictures!

Lowdogg said...

I read how someone died in the Abrams Fall pool just this past week!
Crazy. Poor guy drowned.

The Nielsen Family said...

Well Kira after reading Joe's comment your anti-swimming stance was completely justified!! Holy Cow, that is super crazy. You got some great pictures. It is so fun to see the pictures we each got. I wish I would have checked them out first before I posted mine because I think I would have stolen a couple of yours. And Evan looks great in his wheelchair!!