Friday, December 17, 2010


Ohhh soo much fun ... and finally this is the last installment of our trip back home.

I think this might be one of the only moments Hayley wasn't crying when Landon was around. She was NOT a fan of him, but oh did he LOVE her!!!

Our family went to the Mormon Battalian together. It was nice because all of us that were there got to go. LOVE THAT!!

(one of these days Justin will get to go, sorry Babe)

Evan got to dress up in army gear!

and he LOVED LOVED LOVED this cannon!!!

We got to drive up to Malibu to spend some time at Brandon's place. All I will say is that I could live there!!! One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. On the way back home we stopped at Ben and Sharley's apartment. It took a little longer to get there than we had planned, but after a couple of turn arounds we finally got there. We shared some doughnuts, laughter, and once the kids started screaming we got back on the road. I wish I was able to get some pics of Ben and Sharley, but I was wayy too distracted with my children who were breaking down.
It was so fun to see where some of my siblings live. Being the oldest and living out of the country I just don't get this kind of opportunity.
(this is Cher's house overlooking the ocean.
p.s. it is nothing to some of the homes we saw!!!)

Before the boys and I left San Diego to come back home we went to the zoo with Grandma and Mandy. This snake was CRAZY!!! Evan was our own real life Harry Potter. Everywhere Evan went the snake followed. I'm just glad that the glass didn't dissappear!!

When I am home my parents don't have a ramp for their van. What we end up doing is lifting the 300lb. chair into the back of their van. Obviously I can't do this alone. Normally it is my Dad or brother that is helping me. When I am out without them I search for a man who looks strong enough to help. When we got to the zoo I got this man to help. When we were leaving he comes walking up and offered to help me again. I was in shock at the timing!!! The best part ... he operates the zoo's train and is called "Captain Choo Choo"
I didn't have a ton of time this vacation so I was thrilled that I got to spend a little bit of time with Lori and Hannah (from the CBC group). Lori taught us how to make these REALLY cute felt flower hair piece.
This is what I came home with. Yes I did indeed operate all of this by myself through customs with both of the boys. Remember that I didn't say I handled it gracefully, but I am still impressed that I did it!!!
(notice my felt flower hair piece ... thanks Lori!!)
Now the reason for my trip home...
My oldest friend Mandy had her first baby and I went to see her and her sweet baby Connor. It was soooo much fun to spend some time with them and to watch her mother her sweet baby. She even let me take some newborn pictures for her while I was there.
Congratulations again Mandy :-)

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Peter and Mandy said...

Awh I have such a cutie!

How on earth do you manage to get around the airport with all that stuff?