Saturday, December 25, 2010


I feel like my blog will never catch up to my real life. I have been soooo busy, but with the arrival of Christmas I see the start of a little "down time" in my future.

In the meantime I wanted to wish a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to y'all!! I was only semi on top of my Christmas cards so only half of our peeps got the pictures. If you didn't get a Christmas card from us and you usually do ... it isn't that I don't love you, it is more likely that the envelope with your name on it is still sitting in a nice stack on my ironing board upstairs, waiting to be put together and sent. Maybe I will be better next year and not only send out ALL my Christmas cards so people know we love them AND get a Christmas letter together for next year.

I have definitely had the BEST Christmas ever (yup, even with the frigid temperatures that I grudgingly live in)!!

Here is my Christmas low down:

1) Since I don't usually have both of my boys home in the morning we have been celebrating Evan's Christmas Break by eating loads of sugar and having lots of fun activities, and crafts.

2) The Palmer cousin Christmas party. There is always so much pressure to have a memorable white elephant present at the exchange. I was quite proud of my discoveries and have to say that they were much appreciated by the people who I was hoping would appreciate them. I brought "Comi vs. USA" army men with "Comi mints". The other present was "bacon flavored floss" and "bacon bandaids".

3) Christmas Eve spent with Justin's dad. We had turduckin and other yummy appetizers, while keeping tabs on Santa using the "Santa Tracker".

4) The spiritual portion of our Christmas Eve with our boys. They loved watching which is a tradition from my side of the family.

5) Sprinkling "Reindeer food" on the front lawn so Santa's reindeer could find us.

6) We were laying in bed with our boys singing Christmas carols and Evan says to us very forcefully ... "No more singing! We have to go to bed now so Santa will come!"

7) Watching my boys open WAAYYY too many gifts this morning. (we both went a little overboard this year ... whooops!!) We better talk about this problem for next year.

8) We were skyping with my parents and sister when my brother Alex got online. His mission president is letting them skype home instead of call. The problem is that we have been practicing all week and can't get the group video to work. When Alex came online I could see him!!!!! I don't know why I got to see him, but I did, and he got to see my boys too. I ended up getting dropped for this practice run so my parents could see him. I will talk to him tonight with the rest of the family but I won't get to see him so I am counting this as my Christmas miracle!!

I CAN"T believe that I got to see him. I just kept staring at him and giggling! Can't wait to talk to him later.

9) We are on our way to spend the evening with Justin's mom and siblings.

(here is our Christmas Card ... for those who should have gotten it, and didn't)


motherofangels said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Lisa said...

It was a great Christmas full of surprises :)

Erin said...

Kira, I LOVE your Christmas card!! The boys loom like little newsies :) Merry Christmas!

Fred ... said...

Merry Christmas - I like this Skype thing, we'll have to do it more often.

Grandpa said...

So glad you had a good Christmas. Our thoughts were with you.

Hmmm... said...

Kira, I wanted to say I just received your christmas and LOVE IT. Thank you for that, it made me so happy. I hope you had a great christmas, and want you to know that I still stalk your blog LOL and will probably never stop ;-) But you can think of it as...loyalty! :)

Much love,
Anjanie :)

The Nielsen Family said...

Merry Christmas! I loved the boys' outfits on your card. They looked adorable! Glad you are having such a nice Holiday Season.