Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Break in pictures

Here is a "few" of my favorite pictures from the break with my whole little family.
swimming on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve fun with Justin's Dad and family

check out Landon's bruise and black eye from slipping at the pool

our special family time: focusing on the REAL reason for the season

Evan is sprinkling his "Reindeer" food on the ground so that Santa can find us!!
one of my favorite parts of the evening???? We were singing carols while laying bed and Evan says ..."no more! Stop!! We have to go to bed so Santa can come!!!"
This year was so much fun!

yeah ... We totally went overboard. To our credit, not all of these are from us, and most of what we gave the boys were movies and games.

Christmas afternoon we spent the day with Justin's mom and family. I got to talk to my brother on Skype with the rest of my family. I still can't believe that I got to see him while he is on his mission. Justin was in charge of the camera this night so we have no pictures.

Boxing Day we went to church and then drove to the mountains with Justin's mom and step-Dad. It is a completely secluded cabin in the area of Canada that gets the most snow fall in the entire country. I wish I didn't get "female" ill while I was there, but at least I am married to Justin who is very hands on with our boys and knows how to take care of me. I was only out of commission 1.5 days so I still got to see some of the frigid beauty of this country.

We even got to meet 70 sled dogs!!! Seriously fun, sweet, loving, beautiful animals!! We loved getting to play a little bit with these animals.

I can't put my arms down!!!!

snow shoeing is exhausting!!

Banff hot springs!
The boys all rented the "historic" bathing suits, although Logan told his mom they were "pre-historic" bathing suits. I think he may have been right :-)

check out the ice in my hair

I think it is hilarious that since moving to Canada I have spent every New Years that are in town with my cousin Kari. She doesn't even live in the same city and I am always lucky enough to see her on this special day.

I rang in the New Year with one of my best friends Kristin.

HAPPY 2011


Dorienne said...

Loved all the pictures. The hot spring pictures were hilarious!

motherofangels said...

So fun! Those pictures make snow look WONDERFUL! haha. I love Banff hot springs. Thanks for the reminder, maybe I'll take my family there for my birthday weekend!

Lisa said...

Fun pictures. Keith Madsen (Erin's little brother) is serving in Banff right now on his mission.

Fred ... said...

Wow, those are some beautiful pictures. It makes me almost miss the snow. I notice you didn't go for the "historic" swimming suit.

Peter and Mandy said...

Fun fun fun and BRRRRRRRR!