Thursday, January 6, 2011

My angels

This sweet little man is growing up so fast I can't even believe it!!! Today was Evan's first day of Primary. He no longer attends the nursery at church but is a full fledged big boy. He loved his sunbeam class and didn't even throw a fit when I left. In fact ... he gave me a big kiss, told me he loved me, blew me another kiss and told me he would see me later (with a huge grin on his face). He wasn't really a fan of going in his stander for the second hour and I am thinking that we might just leave it at home from now on. It worked really well in nursery, not so well in primary. Oh well, we tried! I couldn't be more proud of my little grown up big boy!!

I have been trying to load this video of Landon since Sunday. Oh well. I wanted to get this out before I left. If anyone knows how to get blogger to load videos I would love the input.

And my baby number two........
I caught the pinball in action!!! I hope you enjoy the video ... it cracks me up :-) No wonder he eats so much:-) Tell me, have you ever seen someone so full of joyous energy?


Lisa said...

You've loaded video before why isn't it working now?

Kira said...

No clue but it is very annoying!!!

Coleen said...

More of a question rather thank a oomment...where did you get your leggings and their ability to cover up G's that well?

Yeay for momcations and family reunions!