Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Family Reunion


Let me start by saying that I love my family. It is a shame that I don't get to see my extended family very often and because of this I made a great effort to get to our family reunion in St. George. Financially it didn't make sense to bring the rest of our little family, which was sad, but what it did mean is ....... I had a Mommy vacation.!!

Really there are a TON of us, but this is all that could come.

We were in the hot tub every night.
We went to go and see a family history landmark. Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt is my greatx4 Grandmother. She was an incredible pioneer who managed to get her entire family across the plains by herself after her husband died. In fact my little sister is named after her.
Here is my family standing at her monument.

I am a direct descendant of Thomas Rowell Leavitt (do you see the family resemblance???)
My little sister was torturing my brothers, cousin, and dad with snow. They ended up getting her back really good.


Peter, Kira, Kristin, Meaghan ... yes we rock!! The last time we took this picture was right before Peter left for his mission (almost 10 years ago!). I love my cousins, and I love that we are lined up youngest to oldest AND tallest to shortest (poor Meaghan!!) I am glad that I got to spend some time with them. Love you guys!!

We went to see the John Hamblin home (which is sooooo fascinating!!!!!) There is a picture of John Hamblin and we were shocked by the actual resemblance that you can see in my cousin Tyler's face.

I learned that the pioneers used cow skulls as mail boxes. The indians felt that these were evil and wouldn't touch them so the pioneers would leave messages for eachother along the trail.

CAFE RIO!!!!!!!!
need I say more???
My brothers were a little obsessed with chasing the geese. Why the geese kept coming back I will never know, but don't worry they got us back in the end :-)

We went to see the monument at Mountain Meadows. I didn't wear the proper foot gear and was quite worried about my beautiful suede boots. They did survive, but I had a lot of help walking up and down the snowy hills. I actually love this picture of me and my dad.

How do you feed a large family???
Casino Buffet, it actually wasn't that bad.
I had a little buddy attached to my hip the whole weekend. My cousins daughter, MaCenz, was so sweet and I showed her how to work her model walk.
How do you do this Brandon??
We ended the weekend playing games until 3AM and then my mom and sisters and I stayed up until 3:45AM giggling in our hotel room.

The family had so much fun that we couldn't say goodbye.

We lingered in the hotel rooms.

we lingered in the hallways.

way too many of us lingered in the elevator.

then we lingered in the parking lot.
and then..............
the geese had a little pay back to dish out.

Do you see the car, and my dads face? My aunt got this shot as it was happening!
p.s. there was so much poop that it splattered onto my dad, my cousin, and I.
Yes ... we had green poop on us.
And that was my short, but really fun family reunion.


Lisa said...

And it was fun with a lot packed into a short amount of time. We are glad you could come even though we missed Justin & the boys. We need to share pictures of Vegas. I want to do a book.

Peter and Mandy said...

Looks like so much fun!

Fred ... said...

I am so glad you made it. The two days together seems like it was a full vacation. It was good to see you and it was good to see all of the cousins. And of course it was great to see my own brothers and sisters. Just sorry Fara and Lester couldn't make it.

Maren Romney Leavitt said...

Sounds like all y'all had a great time! Sad I didn't get to see you Kira! You're so fun!