Saturday, May 21, 2011

Girls Weekend

Girls just want to have FUN!!!!!

My friend Val has a house in Arizona and invited a bunch of girls on a girls weekend. It was lovely and much needed! When Evan's teachers asked him what I was doing in Arizona he said ... "she's swimming." Well that is pretty darn close to what I did. I didn't swim but I did float and bask.

I finally have a little color and I remember what it is like to be warm.

(oh, and I got a massage!!!!!!!!)

check out the sex appeal!

our plane ended up being grounded. We left about 8 hours later than we were supposed to and got back to Calgary at 4:30AM. We figured out ways to entertain ourselves ;-)

Goodbye Arizona!!!!!!


Jenn said...

I'll say it over and over. I'm so jealous! of girls weekend. But so glad you enjoyed yourself.
I am also glad Landon's health is better. I think about you speaking of his super active personality mixed with his amazing ability to love and provide affection. My judgement is that is a direct result of YOU. You're active and fun. You are also the most loving and nurturing Mom. A vivid image in my mind is the constant cuddling you and Landon had in your first few weeks together. You're a fun, dedicated and hardworking Mom. Truly great in my eyes.

Sarah said...

So fun! You deserve it!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like fun! Us Leavitt girls need to start some girl trips :)

Teach said...

Your trip sounds awesome! You probably have more color than I do now!!