Saturday, May 21, 2011


My sweet Landon. What can I say about my little boy?? He said his first sentence a couple of weeks ago. I was getting something from the pantry, he rounds the corner and says "HI MUM!"
Since then his vocabulary has really taken off. He mimics all over the place. Landon is so rambunctious. In fact I can't tell you how many times I am told that he is the most active kid that people have ever seen.

For as tough as this kid is (he scraped up his toes and hardly complained) his skin is so ultra sensitive. He currently has mosquito bites on his face and he looks like a teenager with an acne problem.

For as active as Landon is he is equally loving! He is always willing to smother us with hugs and kisses.

Some of his favorite things are turning on and off the lights, opening and closing doors, praying, and hugging his brother.

The BIGGEST news for Landon is a MAJOR discovery that I made. Ok so I know that most of the discovery was a result of divine intervention.
Landon is Red Dye sensitive.

Ultimately what it means is that he can't eat or drink anything that has red dye in it. Landon was crazy for about a month and a half. Crazy doesn't even come close to describing how he was acting. The closest would be a possession. At the toss of a hat he would go from happy go lucky Landon to a head spinning version of my child. I thought it must just be his age and that the terrible two's were going to be one wild ride.

Easter was worse than the whole month combined, and then it clicked ..........

I remembered a conversation some musicians in the Red Deer orchestra were having about their children, who are red dye sensitive. I put two and two together and went straight home to find out what the other symptoms are.

Landon had everyone of them.
-Blotchy skin
-funky rashes
-random, unexplained throw up
-poor eating
-poor sleeping
-EXTREME emotional, bi-polar attitude.

I took him off red dye only and every single thing improved or cleared up. We haven't even had one episode, normal tantrums, but no exorcist episodes. A week after I took him off Evan gave him a couple of M&M's and he totally broke out in a rash.


Lisa said...

I love the pictures. His hair looks like it's getting a little darker.

Lynn said...

My brother "M" is the same way. Or I should say was.....not sure if he is anymore. But He was exactly how you described. My mom was also the one that discovered this and took action....especially after some pretty scary incidents where he was helping us do our chores (wash the dishes) after drinking some Kool-Aid and went ballistic! He had a knife (was washing dishes remember) in his hand and waved it at me in anger. Not only did it scare us......but himself! He ran away only to be found by the police the next day. One scared little puppy.

Okay. Sorry....maybe I shouldn't have shared that with you. I don't mean to imply Landon would do something like that.....just know that I know what you are talking about.

Good for you for listening to the Spirit and helping Landon with his health. That is awesome!

Kira said...

actually Lynn, those were kind of like the stories that the other women would say, and that was "the look" in Landon's eyes. You could tell that he couldn't control what he was doing, and the only reason it didn't get to that point is because of his age. But we had some pretty scary experiences none the less.

Peter and Mandy said...

That's so interesting, gosh who would ever think red dye would have such a reaction on a kid. Is it just red or are there other colors too?

Michelle said...

What a discovery! What a blessing when mommies are inspired like that.

Kira said...

some people react to other colors. The most common is red and second most common is yellow. So orange can be tricky because it is made with red and yellow.