Thursday, April 5, 2012

working in Urubamba

These little guys were on top of all of the buildings.  These ceramic bulls are placed on the roofs for protection.  I LOVED it!!  I really wanted to buy two and put them on my roof, but then I remembered I don't have a tile roof and they could be hard to attach, so I got one and put him in my office :-)

This was the home neighboring our hotel room.  Notice their security fence (cacti on top of brick)  These homes were fairly typical of the homes in the area.  It is a stark contrast to the central court of our hotel, but don't let it fool you ... the showers didn't really work, there was no heat, and you couldn't flush toilet paper because it would clog the toilet.
This big guy was hanging out at our hotel.  Praise the Lord above that I wasn't the one that was taken by surprise by him.  I was able to see him in a fairly controlled situation.  I might have died otherwise!!!!  It creeps me out enough that I probably walked right over top of him without knowing it.
another typical house.  No windows ... but a bright shiny satellite dish!!!
Their priorities are a bit different than mine.
The traditional women of the area FASCINATED me!!!!  Their dress and demeanor was quite feminine and then they would sit with their legs spread as wide as they could go.
These women with the tall white hats are direct descendants of the spanish and the Inca's.  They are believed to feel superior to the rest because they have the spanish blood in them.  It was really interesting to see how they made their presence known when they arrived and butted their way in front of others who had been waiting hours longer than them.

This is how we got to and from most places while we were working.

This is the school that we were working at

 The woman that Brian is looking at is wearing hair extensions in her braids.  It is black yarn!!!  There were several women over the 4 days that sported this style.
 Kelley teaching the 6th graders oral hygiene.
 the operative room
My sexy man doing triage.  I loved hearing him speak spanish for four days straight.  It was so HOT!!!

My partner in crime.  I worked with Ken most of the time.  He is the spouse of one of the hygienists that came along.

The children were my favorite.  Amanda and I appointed ourselves the official baby holders.  I LOVED the children.  This little girl on the right is the Ketchewan girl that I washed her hair.
In case you hadn't noticed yet these pictures show my ridiculous head burn and purple chest.  I told you I wasn't exaggerating and there was a reason why all these beautiful brown people kept laughing at my burn. :-D

This is the first time I got to assist my sweet hubby!!!  This is the little girl who didn't lose a tooth, but got a new one!!  Still such a precious moment for me to witness.
 painting flouride on a little girl.
This is the second tooth that I got to pull.  I can't tell you how much fun I had working with Justin.  I'm really lucky that I genuinely like being with my hubby.  I just love him and this time with him was so fun!!
I worked on evening out my head.
We played with more children
and we took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather!!!
 this is probably my favorite little girl that came around.  She stayed with us a LONG time and even helped sort the supplies.  She was so proud of her dress and her "painted" teeth.

This was the schools final presentation thanking us for all of our hard work and concern for their health.  I may or might not have cried.
This is the whole group on the last day.
 This is the courtyard to the ceramics place, and my video with the monkey.
Can you guess what this meal is??  Yes there is still a tooth in the head, and no ... I didn't eat the head.
 I love this handsome guy!!!!!
These are our translators and cook
 Brian was REALLY excited when he found out that he got a counterfeit bill from the Canadian bank.
 Can you see where Justin gets it from???  They had to do their family dance at our final party.


Da Costa said...

How awesome Kira!!!!! Your whole trip just seemed so cool! Maybe in like 10 years, when Wally's a dentist, we can go do this together. So cool!!!! By the way, T minus 4 weeks until we get to party!!!! :D

Peter and Mandy said...

Way cool...everything except the spider and the rat looking thing you ate...I couldn't get the videos to work though.

Maren Leavitt said...

Kira- I loved it! And I almost teared up also seeing Justin volunteer time to help those kids. Justin and you are just top notch (and your mom for watching your babies)!!

Thanks for sharing and letting me daydream with you!

Fred ... said...

I want to try eating Guinea Pig. I also love the fact that you got to pull teeth. How cool. Now when someone tells you "it's like pulling teeth" you can say you know what that is like. So I'm curious, when the women with Spanish blood cut ahead of the others did you make them go to the back of the line?

Kira said...

The translators argued with her for a long time and then she ended up getting her teeth done before everyone. It was hard because she wasn't about to budge and everyone else just sort of moved out of the way and let her push them around.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

so so so so COOL! What an amazing experience :) I can't believe you had the guys to even take that picture of the spider knowing how you are about them! haha Such great pictures!