Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Evan Update

So this kid is FUNNY!!!!  Seriously he cracks me up all the time.  He says the funniest things and he gets inside jokes that adults are telling.  Here are some of my favorites lately.

While gazing into our fish tank he comments on how beautiful one of our female guppies is.  He goes on and on about her beauty and finally sighs and says ... "she is one dynamite gal!"

At the hospital the other day Evan looks at me and says: "Mom, that is a really ugly shirt." I tell him that that hurts my feelings and he got a worried look on his face and says, "Oh I'm so sorry!  Mom, your shirt is lovely ... and a little bit ugly.  Does that make you feel better?"

I was upset the other day and the boys were both trying to make me feel better.  Evan gets a really sweet look on his face and says to me, "Do you want to watch Vampire Diaries?  That will make you feel better."  Yes Buddy, yes it would!

At school he passed his teacher from last year and says: "Miss Kyla, I'm a little different."  (why Evan?) "ummmm, because I don't ever get tired and I like to drink blood." (that sounds like you're a vampire.)  "well, half vampire half werewolf, but I decided you can be my friend again so I won't eat you."

The other highlight of our time with Evan I have posted already in Facebook.  I am going to repost it here.  Evan brings so much light into our lives.  This 5 year old Evan definitely has more sass, but our time with him is pretty awesome!

I have so many words of thanks for so many people that I fear I am not going to be able to put everything down coherently, but I need to try. Five months ago we put out a plea for help in fundraising for Evan’s new wheelchair. The amount seemed daunting, and we knew we could only achieve it with the help of others. We received money from all realms of our life. Each and every donation brought tears to my eyes. I have been overwhelmed with the love each of you have shown for Justin and I, and more importantly the gift you have given to our son. I am pleased to announce that through the generosity of many we can now order his wheelchair! Evan more than anyone is so excited to have this chair that will allow him to stand. He doesn’t fully understand the medical benefits, but is very aware of the social benefits. Evan himself has donated 10% of his savings towards the chair (that .25 cents was a lot for him to give up). It will take about 2 months to build the chair and to those who gave us your money, your time, and your prayers … THANK YOU! Thank you for extending the life of our son. We are forever grateful!


Anonymous said...

Kira, I love reading your blog! Evan is such a funny little man. That's too cute about the vampire diaries comment. Does that little guy know you well or what? We're so excited for Evan to get his new chair, I'll keep an eye for pirate stickers to affix to it right away.

Peter and Mandy said...

Loved the pirate stickers on the arms of the chair perfect for that little boy. Gosh I can't believe he's only 5. From the things he says he seems so much older. Then the cute little Evanisms like the shirt just made me laugh out loud...out of the mouth of babes, so honest, funny and purely innocent.