Friday, August 2, 2013

Kid update

Alright it is high time that I write another update about the funny things my kids have said or done lately.  Here goes ...
p.s. you WANT to read Landon's

-This picture was taken at a good friends wedding this past weekend, where he made very good friends with the lady he sat next to during the reception.  He planned a play date with her, gave her our address, and this is when they are exchanging phone numbers.

-While pointing to two dragonfly's that were mating he says, "Look mom, they are hanging out together.  They must be really great friends."

-He has been requesting a bit more privacy as he is going #2 and I guess I poked my head in one too many times to check on him because I got a HUGE eye roll and he said, "Mom, the poop is there but every time you come in you make me lose my patience!" K:"Evan do you mean I make you lose your concentration?" E: "YES, whatever, please leave" (I can see what he will be like as a sassy teen!)

-Our care giver for the summer has been taking Evan to camp all week and he pulled her aside one of the times and said. "Um, now that I have you alone I need you to know that I love you so much!  Will you marry me?" He then gave her strict instructions not to fall in love with anyone else.

-I was mowing the lawn the other day and he got very excited and said "Mom, Daddy will be so proud of you because you have a real job now! " "Evan, being a mom is a job" "yes yes I know, but this is a real job and that is so great" "Evan, what do you think being a mom is?" (at this point he thinks long and hard and says "you know, preparing the house for Vampire Diaries" (my jaw drops at this point) "Evan what about [and I start to list all the things a mom does]" "yeah yeah, I guess, but Daddy is funnier than you" (I can't win!)

-He is still the most active child I know and has such a zest for life that is beautiful!  He doesn't really say much, but is constantly making noise.  It could be a scream, a cry for joy, a yip or many other various and intentionally funny sounds. 

-Landon woke up before anyone else the other day (ok thats everyday) and we were cuddling in bed together.  He keeps poking me in the chest and so I ask him to stop.  I have to ask him several times when I finally said "Landon, please stop now.  Those are my privates and you aren't allowed to touch other people's private parts"  He stops everything he is doing and with confused amazment in his voice says ... "you pee into the air??!!!" I DIED laughing and tried to tell him that girls have more private parts than boys and I do not pee into the air, but he still thinks that I pee into the air from my boobs! HA!!!!  

Cameron is thriving and blowing everyones minds everyday with his development. He has almost mastered sitting (he still falls sometimes) and is starting to move around more on the floor.  He propels himself backward and will do circles with his arms.  In fact I heard to him really cry today (which is rare) when he had backed himself underneath the couch and got stuck.  His head shaping helmet is already making a difference and we are feeling happy that we made the very expensive decision to get it.  Cameron literally attracts attention everywhere we go, usually because of his infectious smile.  He is a very smiley boy, but if you are new he doesn't pull it out until he has studied you intently first.  He is very vocal, but not to people or in a conversation.  He will talk to things, but once someone speaks to him he is too focused on that person to make any kind of verbal response.  He now weighs 16 lbs 10 oz. 


Lisa said...

Loved this and loved the pictures!! Miss my boys.

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh my goodness your boys are too funny. I was laughing out loud.

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