Sunday, August 4, 2013

Landon turns 4!!!!

 I wish this was more organized but I am limited by being out of town. Please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes (I blame my phone ;-) 

My Landon turns 4 today!!! How is my energetic middle 4 already? Landon has been his stubborn self since birth. He was 11 days late, induced, and still needed to be delivered via forceps. Still today he has to be forced to try new things. He has his own idea how things should be and curse the one (usually me) who is telling him otherwise. 

I remember the first time I heard Landon. His tummy mummy had called us a couple of hours after she gave birth and while we were talking Landon started to cry. I'll never forget the strong lungs our new baby had. At only hours old he didn't have a newborn cry, but sounded like a 6 month old. Landon never slept and was always on the go!

Landon has continued to voice his opinion to this day and he is definitely still the most active person I have ever met. I wish I could bottle his never ending energy so I could keep up. 

Landon can be a difficult child to parent but I try very hard not to stifle any of this because I KNOW it'll be these qualities that will make him a STELLAR adult! Already they serve him well. He did a fantastic job at bike camp and after one week of practicing he can ride his bike without training wheels. 

I am always amazed at how smart Landon is. He really is a bright little boy! Landon is also a comedian by definition. I believe that his daily goal is to make others laugh. He does this with the things he says, the way he moves his body, and  his facial features!!!  

Landon loves to cook with me and is pretty good at it too! He adores his daddy and his brothers are some of his favorite people ever.

I love this little big boy more than words can say!!!!! Happy birthday Landon!!!!! 


Peter and Mandy said...

Already riding a bike without training wheels?! Wow Good Job! Happy Birthday Landon!

Fred ... said...

Happy Birthday Landon!!!

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tiantang said...

Happy Birthday Landon

Sarah Morris said...

It was so fun to be there for Landon's party. He's such a sweet boy. Were you ever able to download the pictures I sent over?