Monday, October 7, 2013

Cameron turns 1

This year has FLOWN by!!!  I can't believe that this 19 pound baby sleeping on my shoulder is the same 4lb 14oz sweet pea we welcomed to our family one year ago.   Come to think about it I can't believe it has been a year, and wow what a year this little boy has had!!  

I will never forget the phone call I received at Starbucks on Oct. 9, 2012.  I was with a friend and Justin called me 3 times in a row.  He never does that so I knew it would be important.  When he told me that our social worker called and there might be a baby I almost dropped my drink.  Sure enough right there in Starbucks I learned that not only was there a potential baby, but he was three days old.  I learned that he had Down Syndrome and a heart condition.  I was asked if they could give his birth parents our profile.  

One thing led to the next and a week later we were meeting our baby.  I look at his pictures and the change is incredible.  His first year was extremely busy.  This year our sweet boy has experienced a major open heart surgery, came off of his full time oxygen, been on several trips, gone to Disneyland and so much more.  

Cameron is by far the most pleasant baby I've ever met and literally an angel on this earth.  We are so blessed to have him in our family.  Happy Birthday my sweet sweet baby! We love you Cameron!!!     

 MARCH 2013
APRIL 2013
MAY 2013
JUNE 2013
JULY 2013

 OCTOBER 2013 
Don't be deceived, I really don't think he put any in his mouth.  He sure did have fun destroying his cupcake though!!!


Lisa said...

He is not only our angel baby but our miracle baby! I will never forget your phonecall to me and the spiritual experience I had. I knew he was a boy and would be a part of our family before you and Justin were chosen. What a blessing Cameron is to our family. What blessing it has been for me to be there when he arrived home from the hospital, to be there when he had his surgery and most importantly to be there when you were all sealed as an eternal family. I couldn't ask for anything more!! I love you all!! xxoo

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Kira, I can't believe how fast it's gone too! I remember reading your blog & telling Kevin all about it - wow, did that fly by! I am once again blessed by your strength & challenged to dig deeper than I ever imagined to give more of myself! thank you for loving as you guys do!

Fred ... said...

What an action packed year! What a great year!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday little Cam! What a little angel!