Tuesday, June 3, 2008

San Diego Day 1-2

This is how close we were, dolphins are big, and pilot whales are even bigger (and distribute more water, directly in front of us).
I love these boys ... um ... men :-) 

Day 1- This day was fairly uneventful.  We woke up at 4:15 in the morning and drove to the Gainesville airport, where I medicated myself (I hate to fly) and we spent the next 5 hours in the air on our way to San Diego to be at my brothers wedding.  We got home, unloaded our things, and figured out the plans for the rest of the week.  As it turns out, we were able to go to dinner with one of my girlfriends, Claudia and my cousin, Peter.  I knew this would be one of my only opportunities of spending time with either one, so we combined it and all went out together.  It was such a fun dinner!   

Day 2- Of the five years that we have been married Justin has never been to Sea World, and REALLY wanted to go.  It was great for me too, because I haven't been since high school.  We, especially me, really enjoyed our family day at the park.  The park has changed a ton since I had been last.  I loved the Shamu show, Believe, and our seats for the Dolphin show could not have been better.  We sat in the second row (soak zone), but just off the center.  We did indeed get splashed, but it was totally worth it for the view that we had.  At least we weren't in the center section, they truly got SOAKED!  We were just really wet :-) 

         That night I met up with one of my best friends Mandy, and all of us sisters headed to Sharley's bridal shower (Sharley is my new sister-in-law).  The highlight of the party was when my husband and brothers showed up for a surprise show.  It was HILARIOUS!!!!!  I wonder if she questioned her decision to join our family after that.   


Teresa said...

The whole bridal shower bit is AWESOME! I was completely curious about the photos, and am glad to find the reason for Justin dressed up as a shirtless king. Hope you continue to have a great trip!

Lowdogg said...

I've got be honest, I think Shamu's new show is LA-ame. I just want to learn about whales and get splashed, not be motivated.

supersonicjan said...

yeah, so this girl in my chem 105 class was named Kyra, and also married some guy with the last name of Palmer. The weird thing was, one day last year I was trying to figure out which one of you guys had the last name Palmer, then I realized it was both. Random.

The Meyers said...

Nice outfit Juice can!

Flippity flippity

Thanks for the Dvd and book


Lisa L said...

I showed the DVD to my friend and laughed again so hard that there were tears. I wish I could have been there in person!!